Zildjian Introduces 15 New Stick Models

Zildjian drumsticks

Someone has been working overtime at Zildjian’s R&D department. Expect to see a virtual avalanche of new stick models that will be introduced this summer, including two new Artist Series models developed in conjunction with Joey Kramer and Danny Seraphine. Kramer’s is a medium sized 16.25” stick with a unique, cross-sanded, raw finish and emblazoned with the drummer’s signature and the famous Aerosmith logo. Seraphine’s model features a unique thumb grove, which facilitates proper hand positioning and makes it easy to locate the optimal fulcrum point. Constructed from U.S. select hickory, this stick features a teardrop shaped tip for full, articulate sounds.

Zildjian also expanded its line of maple sticks (which offer a lighter feel and darker tonality than hickory) with new 7A, Jazz, 5A, and 5B wood tip models. In addition, the company has added 5A, 5B, Super 7A, Maple Mini Ball, and Maple Acorn models to the Maple DIP line, which are treated with a double coating of Zildjian’s exclusive DIP grip in a vibrant green color. The DIP coating provides an increased thickness in the grip area and a desirable back weighting to improve the feel and rebound effect of the stick. But that’s not all! Zildjian has also introduced four new laminated birch models – Heavy Super 7A, Heavy 6A, Heavy 5A, and Heavy 5B – which provide heavier weight and increased durability.