Zildjian Sticks Introduce Dave Grohl Artist Model

Zildjian Dave Grohl Drum Sticks

In some ways it seems like only yesterday when Nirvana changed the rock landscape with the release of the band’s breakthrough album Nevermind. But when you think about it, so much has happened in the interim (including the tragic death of bandleader Kurt Cobain closely followed by Dave Grohl’s surprise role change from Nirvana drummer to singer and guitarist with Foo Fighters), on second thought, next month’s 20th anniversary of Nevermind is all too believable.

Those crafty craftsmen at Zildjian anticipated the media splash that will surely accompany this milestone by announcing a September launch for its Dave Grohl Artist Series Drumstick model. Among other things, it proves once and for all that Grohl likes hefty sticks, since his model is 16.75" long with a diameter of 0.600". Cut from 100 percent U.S. select hickory, the stick features an acorn-shaped tip for sound clarity, and metallic, two-color artwork of Grohl’s famous tattoos on both of his arms. All things considered, it’s a stick made for rockers who need power, rebound, and durability.