44 Double Takes: 2013 Musik Messe Slideshow

The Musik Messe show this past April provided a meeting place for global product manufacturers to reach the European music products market, and a chance for smaller North American manufacturers to try to grow their business overseas. Ronn Dunnett of Dunnett Drums in British Columbia sent us his pics of the show. There are some great shots of products here, including many we didn't get to see at the NAMMfeatures Show in January.

2013 Musik Messe

The interior courtyard at the Messe in Frankfurt where huge international trade shows are held, including Musik Messe, every April. The Messe has ten exhibit halls.

2013 Musik Messe Drum Center

This booth from Drum Center of Koln Germany featured Craviotto, Dunnett, Acoutin, Crescent, and other North American drum equipment companies.

2013 Musik Messe Ludwig's Jim Catalano

Jim Catalano of Ludwig gets in some early moments behind the kit.

2013 Musik Messe Ludwig snares

What every home needs. A wall of Ludwig snares.

2013 Musik Messe Paiste

Europe is Paiste's home turf and they had a beautiful booth. Ron took this shot looking up into a sky of floating Paiste pies.

2013 Musik Messe Drum-Tec

Paiste is the world's leading gong producer. Impressive.

{pagebreak} 2013 Musik Messe Paiste

Drum-Tec is a German e-drum builder who makes drums that look acoustic..

2013 Musik Messe DW Collector Series

DW Collector Series Snare.

2013 Musik Messe

More DW.

2013 Musik Messe Murat Diril

Murat Diril is a well-known and respected manufacturer of Turkish cymbals.

2013 Musik Messe Amedia

Amedia cymbals.

{pagebreak} 2013 Musik Messe LB Drums

We don't know much yet about LB Drums. They're a custom brand located by the lake in Zurich, Switzerland

2013 Musik Messe Rohema sticks

Rohema is a full-line stick and mallet company in Germany.

2013 Musik Messe e-Piccolo Engineering

e-Piccolo Engineering is an Israeli company that makes an electronic kit, including the sound module.

2013 Musik Messe Treeworks triangles

Treeworks is a Nashville-based firm. They continue to innovate with lower-pitched triangles and some interesting shapes.

2013 Musik Messe Taye Drums

Great eye and ear candy from Taye Drums.

{pagebreak} 2013 Musik Messe UFIP

UFIP's natural series finish for their rotocast cymbals looks great.

2013 Musik Messe Bosphorus

Bosphorus' Traditional Series is a dark, jazzy cymbal.

2013 Musik Messe UFIP

Great-looking hats from UFIP.

2013 Musik Messe Aces High Kit

Premier showed its Nicko McBrain "Aces High" kit inspired by the song of the same name. It carries the LZ symbol of the Royal Air Force Squadron 66.

2013 Musik Messe Premier Drums

This excessive moment brought to you by Premier Drums.

{pagebreak} 2013 Musik Messe Dube

The Dube is a lightweight cube that sits on a stand and can be played on all sides.

2013 Musik Messe Stonedge drum

The Kumu Stonedge drum is made from Steatite composite, and sounds roughly between a wood and metal drum.

2013 Musik Messe Odery

Odery is a well-known quality Brazilian manufacturer of drums.

2013 Musik Messe

Kickport showed off new finishes.

{pagebreak} 2013 Musik Messe

Sweet and simple kit from C&C Drums.

2013 Musik Messe Akangatide brushes

Colorful Akangatide brushes were designed by Christian Bourdon from Cameroon. They're made from natural materials..

2013 Musik Messe T-Cymbals

This is a rugged looking tool, a heavy upturned holey-china (so to speak) cymbal called from T-Cymbals, a Turkish brand not seen much in North America.

2013 Musik Messe Meinl timbales

Beautiful new timbales from Meinl.

2013 Musik Messe Meinl cajons/>
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The cajon market is healthy, thanks in part to Meinl's wide selection of woods, tones, and colors.

2013 Musik Messe Tama

This achingly beautiful showstopper is a Tama Star series model handmade in Japan.

{pagebreak} 2013 Musik Messe CVL

CVL is an Italian brand noted for unusual woods, stave construction, and other features.

2013 Musik Messe Mapex

Got hammering? This Mapex kit is designed to stop show traffic. And it does.

2013 Musik Messe Mapex

More unusual finishes from the minds of Mapex. We intend to find out what this material is.

2013 Musik Messe Pearl

Pearl showed off new hardware and its advanced cymbal hardware system.

2013 Musik Messe Pearl graphics

Pearl wins the wack graphics award with this kit.

{pagebreak} 2013 Musik Messe Pearl Vision Birch

Limited edition Pearl Vision Birch finish.

2013 Musik Messe

Vancore makes marching percussion in the Netherlands.

2013 Musik Messe

Sakae is a top-quality Japanese producer that has recently expanded marketing under its own brand.

2013 Musik Messe

Curt Waltrip of Joyful Noise explains his one-of-a-kind drum creations to a potential customer.

2013 Musik Messe

Enough said. The GigPig.

{pagebreak} 2013 Musik Messe

Firchie is a US brand, known for its fast-tuning drum.

2013 Musik Messe

Dream Cymbals. Love the unlathed look.

2013 Musik Messe

Gorgeous George Way black pearl drum set.

2013 Musik Messe

Musicians jamming at the Roland booth. Can't wait till next year.