JM Smith Kit Owned By Terry Allen

Zoom a couple decades back in time when early attempts like the rock-hard surface of Simmons drums and the boings and dings of the Synare that were meant to approximate drum and cymbal sounds convinced most people that electronic percussion was just a passing fad. Now look around. Roland. Yamaha. Hart Dynamics. Alesis. Even Pearl jumped into the fray this year. We’ve come an awfully long way since then, evidenced in part by Terry Allen’s story.

He first picked up the sticks at the tender age of eight, and dutifully pounded his acoustic kit until last October when, at the age of 20, he discovered electronic percussion at a jam session, where he got to play on a electronic Hart Dynamics kit. After plopping down the bucks to buy his own Hart Gigapro kit, Allen never looked back, and continued adding to his rig until he reached the impressive setup we see in the accompanying photos. Here’s how his kit breaks down:



Various Percussion




Terry concludes "These Drums are AWESOME to play. I only wish I would have known about them years ago!!!!!!!!!!"