Mike Upah's "Burnt Toast" Pork Pie

By Jordan Liffengren Published August 17, 2010

Mike Upah, the drummer for a cover band called Riot Inc., found this baby on Ebay and decided to swipe it. Here's the story:

“Greetings, my name is Mike Upah. I have a Pork Pie 5-piece high gloss lacquer in the color Burnt Toast Fade with black powder coat hardware,” Mike explains. “I have been a fan of Pork Pie for many years, ever since I started using their snares. I recently found this gem on eBay, had some cash laying around, and splurged. The story with the set is a guy’s wife bought it for him, but he wasn't a drummer. So it sat unplayed in his living room for five years before he decided to sell it. It still has the original heads on it — soon to be changed, but just the same. I didn't see any Pork Pies on your site, so I thought, what the hell. Here are the specs..."