Pete Jeffers’ Brand Spankin’ New Tama Bubinga Kit

This Illinois native is a drummer for a pop/rock group called The Rave. The four member group consists of bass, drums, guitar, and a female vocalist. “We play a mix of covers from Katy Perry, Evanescence, Lady Ga Ga, No Doubt, and Pink as well as covering classics from Journey, Heart, Pat Benatar, AC/DC, Blondie, Prince, and many more,” he explains. “My style of drumming is a mix of early/current influences: Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, Rush, The Police, Molly Hatchet, Little Feat, Dave Weckl band, as well as several other styles of music like New Orleans funk, jazz fusion, African and Japanese drumming.” An eclectic mix, to say the least.

A perfect palette for his interesting taste is this brand new Tama Bubinga Elite drum set in quilted mocha burst.