Cymgards: A Multi-Purpose Cymbal Solution

I’ll never forget when Elisa Welch Mulvaney, my very first managing editor at Drums & Drumming Magazine, schooled me on the use of the word “unique” back in the late ’80s.

“Nothing can be a little unique,” she said. “There aren’t degrees of uniqueness. Either something is unique or it isn’t.”

Needless to say, I’ve made judicious use of the word since then, but think I’ll finally take the plunge when it comes to describing the new Cymgard – a protective strip of material that encircles the edge of a cymbal while providing more than one solution.

The Cymgard will protect mounted, bagged, and freestanding cymbals from damage in the event of impact, and cushions cymbals when shipped, stored, or transported. It also dampens cymbal volume, allowing you to practice quietly without having to whip out the duct tape.

Cymgards come in three styles – Standards, Lites, and Hi-Hat Standards, and are available in most popular sizes, including the now popular 21".

You may have noticed I still haven’t used “the” word. Okay – Cymgards are unique!

Taye’s Classy Vintage Brass Snare

Drummers who have paid close attention to the marketplace may have noticed that Taye Drums has been undergoing something of a reinvention over the past couple years. One of the company’s more notable advances has been the recent introduction of boutique-quality snare drums, including this handsome Vintage Brass model, which is part of Taye’s MetalWorks family.

Patterned after the heavy brass shells of the ’30s and ’40s, the drum features a 2mm thick brass shell with a distressed patina finish. Fittings include long vintage-style tube lugs, 2.5mm chrome plated brass triple flange hoops, and the company’s SideLatch throw-off, which combines simplicity with style.

DrumClip: A New Take On Tone Control

Disillusioned with duct tape? Jaded about gel? If you are among the drummers looking for fresh ways to remove unwanted frequencies from drumheads, DrumClip offers a cool alternative.

Manufactured in the U.S.A. and backed by a 100-percent lifetime guarantee, the DrumClip is made from a durable plastic and rubber compound. It will never fall off or loosen its grip on your drum, and can be used on batter and resonant heads alike. Due to its compact design, the DrumClip can be easily stored in the pocket of your hardware or stick bag, or stay on your drum during transport.

Excessive overtones are precisely controlled or eliminated with the slight pressure DrumClip applies to the drumhead. Included felt and rubber damper pads adhere to the flat surface of DrumClip for additional sound control options.

It’s fast and easy to attach and remove, making rapid tonal changes a snap onstage or in the studio. Plus it leaves no sticky residue on the head, so that the condition of the surface film remains unchanged.

What’s not to love?

Sonor Martini Kit: Really Cool Compact

Drummers who want a second, highly portable kit and parents looking for an affordable holiday gift for an aspiring young drummer will want to take a look at the new Martini kit from Sonor.

While the powerhouse German drum maker calls the Martini outfit “a new take on the ’cocktail kit,’” we’re not convinced it fits the exact definition. How about if we just call it a really cool compact setup at a very nice price ($612 retail/$359 MAP for a shell pack)? That works for us.

The Martini is built around Sonor’s venerable cross-laminated poplar shells fitted with Remo heads, and includes a 14" x 12" bass drum, 8" x 8" mounted tom, 13" x 10" floor tom, and a 12" x 5" steel snare drum (so take that snare-less shell packs!). Hardware includes top-quality Sonor fittings and tuning lugs, featuring the TuneSafe system, floor tom legs, and a single tom holder.

Get Hip With The Spaun Drums Jazz Series

What does a respected custom drum maker do after producing countless cutting-edge drum kits that explore the extreme parameters of vents, hybrid shells, and crazy finishes? Go back to basics, which is exactly what Brian Spaun has done with the retro Spaun Jazz Series drum kits and snare drums, which feature 100 percent 8-ply maple shells.

Buyers have the choice of ordering drums with internal 8-ply maple reinforcement rings (for a shorter decay and higher fundamental pitch) or without (for a more open, resonant sound with a lower pitch). Other features like classic rounded bearing edges for a darker, more subtle voice, beavertail lugs, vintage rail mount, T-handle claw hooks, Vintage Stick Saver Hoops, and Remo Vintage A heads will help you channel your inner jazz cat.