Combo Tool Gives Drummers The Fix


CruzTOOLS recently announced the 13-in-1 GrooveTech Drum Multi-Tool for most drum makes and models.

While the standard drum key allows for tuning and some adjustment here and there, the GrooveTech is a Swiss army knife of sorts in terms of kit care. This tool addresses several needs with just one instrument.

Central to the tool is a drum key with a thin-wall socket for easy access to any tension rod. Slotted and two Phillips screwdrivers are provided as well. Nine hex wrenches — four inch and five metric — are included to handle virtually all makes and models of pedals. Like all CruzTOOLS products, tools are professional-quality using a heat-treated S2 alloy and manufactured to precision tolerances. To add a little bling, components sport a polished-chrome finish.

The GrooveTech Drum Multi-Tool carries a street price of $18.95, and is available now.

Scymtek Introduces Three New Vented Splashes

Scymtek Cymbals – the still-fresh side business of custom drum legend Brian Spaun – continues to enter the marketplace slowly and stealthily with its latest introduction of three new splash cymbals within its Vented Series.

The size of the vent holes is proportioned to each cymbal to create the best combination of both “splash and trash.” The 8" splash features six 1" vent holes, the 10" splash features six 1.25" vent holes, and the 12" splash features six 1.5" vent holes.

New Tama Silverstars Are Built To Rock

Tama made a major commitment to birch in recent years with its much-lauded Silverstar series. After all, birch is a longtime favorite of recording and live engineers alike, thanks in large part to the species’ inclination to boost lows and highs while reducing midrange for a ton of brightness and punch. I mean, what’s not to love?

To keep feeding the fire, Tama has opted for a late-year launch of two new Silverstar configurations that fill a strategic gaps in the model’s catalog.

Metal and hard rock drummers will want to check out the VK82BD Limited Edition 8-Piece Double Bass kit, an affordable alternative to the top-dollar octo-plus sets with 8", 10", 12", 14", and 16" toms; a 14" x 6.5" wood snare; and two 22" bass drums.

And for rock drummers seeking a more iconic look and sound, Tama has configured the one up/two down VK54ZGR Power Rock Limited Edition kit, which features a 14" x 6.5" snare, booming 24" bass drum, and 13", 16", and 18" traditional-sized toms.

Remember – both kits are limited-edition runs, so if you’re a rock drummer with a taste for birch, better to strike while the iron’s hot!

Cymgards: A Multi-Purpose Cymbal Solution

I’ll never forget when Elisa Welch Mulvaney, my very first managing editor at Drums & Drumming Magazine, schooled me on the use of the word “unique” back in the late ’80s.

“Nothing can be a little unique,” she said. “There aren’t degrees of uniqueness. Either something is unique or it isn’t.”

Needless to say, I’ve made judicious use of the word since then, but think I’ll finally take the plunge when it comes to describing the new Cymgard – a protective strip of material that encircles the edge of a cymbal while providing more than one solution.

The Cymgard will protect mounted, bagged, and freestanding cymbals from damage in the event of impact, and cushions cymbals when shipped, stored, or transported. It also dampens cymbal volume, allowing you to practice quietly without having to whip out the duct tape.

Cymgards come in three styles – Standards, Lites, and Hi-Hat Standards, and are available in most popular sizes, including the now popular 21".

You may have noticed I still haven’t used “the” word. Okay – Cymgards are unique!

Taye’s Classy Vintage Brass Snare

Drummers who have paid close attention to the marketplace may have noticed that Taye Drums has been undergoing something of a reinvention over the past couple years. One of the company’s more notable advances has been the recent introduction of boutique-quality snare drums, including this handsome Vintage Brass model, which is part of Taye’s MetalWorks family.

Patterned after the heavy brass shells of the ’30s and ’40s, the drum features a 2mm thick brass shell with a distressed patina finish. Fittings include long vintage-style tube lugs, 2.5mm chrome plated brass triple flange hoops, and the company’s SideLatch throw-off, which combines simplicity with style.