William F. Ludwig lll introduces the WFL lll Drums

Ludwig Drums

Bill Ludwig lll introducing the WFL lll Drums at his display booth, Chicago drum Show.

William F. Ludwig lll announced the formation of his own designed WFL lll Drums at the 24th annual Chicago Drum Show in May. Bill Ludwig lll, commonly known as “Bill lll” in drum circles, represents the third generation of master drum builders as his grandfather was the founder of Ludwig & Ludwig Drum Co. in 1909 which later became the percussion industry icon of Ludwig Drum Company in Chicago.

“It was time to answer the market demands for a reasonably priced great sounding snare drum manufactured in the U.S.” said Ludwig, during a Press Conference held at the Chicago Drum show. “Every professional drummer and recording artist builds an arsenal of different snare drums and sounds regardless of any product or brand endorsement they may have. This WFL lll Drum will become a “must have” snare drum addition for every serious player because of the unique cutting sound of the metal shell, ease and stability of tuning along with it’s stunning black shell chrome hardware appearance.

The WFL III featuresa one-piece aluminum 6½ X14” resonant shell, ten custom one-piece direct-thread Classic lll lugs, a specially designed and formatted Trick Drum Snare Strainer and Evans heads. Introductory MSRP pricing is set at $676.00. The first fifty snare drums produced will include a distinctive commemorative interior label indicating the number of the drum and individually signed by Bill Ludwig lll. Additional snare models are also being developed to include wood shells with traditional glue-rings, different shell sizes and even an orchestral concert model with Irish calf skin batter head. For information contact .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or visit the firms' web site

Kaces Marches Out New Bags

Kaces Snare Kit

Instrument case and music accessory maker Kaces is now shipping it’s popular and newly redesigned line of school percussion bags. These back-to-school models now sport a modern new look, and deliver the same function, value and durability the product line is known for.

Kaces percussion line includes a broad selection of everyday items such as marching drum stick quivers, snare drum porters, bell kit porters, snare and bell kit duo porters, snare drum backpacks and bell kit bags. All porters feature durable heavy-duty wheels, convenient telescoping double-handles and either padded shoulder straps or built-in backpack straps. The Snare Drum Kit backpack model includes heavy-duty handles, a handy zippered music stand pocket, 2 additional accessory pockets for ample storage and built-in backpack straps for easy transportation. The Universal Bell Kit bag features a rigid compartment divider with pockets for sticks and mallets, an interior practice pad pocket, a large accessory pocket, ergonomic backpack straps and an adjustable padded shoulder strap. Another school season top seller, the Marching Drum Stick Quiver is constructed using highly durable 600D polyester material and is designed to make quick work of stick changes on the go. The quiver attaches easily to most marching drums with the convenience of adjustable hook and loop straps, and can hold two pairs of sticks, mallets or brushes.

All Kaces percussion bags come with a one-year limited warranty.

Life Guild Drums Launches Custom Snare Drum Line

Life Guild Custom Snare

Life Guild Drums has released a new line of solid wood snare drums, with a twist: a retrofit is offered on all models, using the drummer’s existing hardware. All LG Drums are handmade and feature both stave shells and exquisitely patterned segmented shells. The drums are offered in three distinct series, the Player Series, The Pro Series, and the Legacy Series.

The Player Series features a single stave shell constructed of maple. The Pro Series offers a two-layer tonewood combination stave shell featuring Life Guild Drums’ proprietary undercut bearing edge. The Legacy Series are segmented shell drums featuring handcrafted patterns otherwise unavailable on the market today.

All snare drums feature the same hardware; 3mm triple flange hoops, Trick multi-position throw-off, PureSound Pro Series brass snare wires, solid brass tube lugs, and come standard with Remo Ambassador heads. You can see (and hear) the drums at

First Test Of Crescent Element Cymbals

Crescent Cymbals founder Michael Vosbein caused quite a stir early in the year when he announced that the company would turn over its manufacturing to Sabian, working closely with them to develop new lines for Crescent. Now, those cymbals are here. In this video, Vosbein takes viewers through the Elements line of Crescent cymbals, all made in Canada.

Prior to starting Crescent (which is also owned by Stanton Moore and Jeff Hamilton) Vosbein was President of Bosphorous Cymbals in the US. As a person who for many years was a promoter of made-in-Turkey cymbals, Vosbein answer potential questions about his new-made-in Canada series.

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Transform Your iPad Into A Multi-Touch Surface Drum Module

DM Dock

Alesis ups the ante in electronic drums with the DM Dock, which harnesses the power of the iPad to create a totally intuitive, customize-able, and world-class drum interface. Simply slide in an iPad, attach the 30-pin or Lightning dock connector, and snap the locking door into position. The Dock creates a stage-ready package that offers unlimited multi-touch access to the iPad screen. The Dock offers inputs, outputs, and hands-on controllers while the iPad offers access to a compatible drum apps, including the DM Touch app, created by Alesis for the DM Dock.

The Dock can be used Alesis kits and pads or nearly any other brad of trigger. Twel ve trigger pad inputs are equipped with 1/4" TRS jacks, providing full support for dual-zone drum and cymbal pads, triple-zone ride and multi-choke cymbal pads, and even acoustic drum triggers. A dedicated 1/4" TRS hi-hat input provides compatibility with continuously variable controllers. There is also a customizable dual footswitch input that can be assigned in your software. DM Dock has what it takes to put together your own custom kit.

DM Dock

The DM Dock provides professional balanced 1/4" stereo outputs for connection to a sound system, recording console, or monitor amp. The outputs are controlled from the master volume knob. A headphone output—complete with an independent level knob, which allows for private practice at any hour. The USB port provides USB MIDI connectivity with your computer. Separate MIDI In and Out jacks allow your DM Dock to join forces with any MIDI-equipped drum machine, synthesizer, or audio gear.

When used with the DM Touch app, the DM Dock creates a complete open system for drummers. Available at the App Store, DM Touch provides premium drum sounds from the leading software developer SONiVOX with easy drag-and-drop drum kit editing and the ability to connect to other iOS 7 apps using Inter-App Audio such as GarageBand and Cubasis.