Twiggy Practice Pad

The Twiggy Practice Pad is an invention from author and educator Libor Hadrava to effectively speed up and strengthen the muscle memory process for the correct hand, wrist and rebound hand motions.

"In a perfect world your drumstick should go straight from its starting position toward the drum and using the same exact trajectory on its way back to the starting point, but who could really tell, right? Now you can," Libor says. "One of the first things that comes to mind is the ability to hit the same exact spot repeatedly with each hand regardless of whether you are working on full strokes, downstrokes, accents etc… Using the Twiggy Pad will re-train/strengthen your muscle memory, improve your sound and increase your speed."

StickARK: At Your Fingertips

stick ark

What drummer hasn’t dropped a stick in the heat of a solo or during a fast fill? That’s why Maxonix came up with the StickARK, a simple but ingenious drum kit accessory that keeps up to four back-up sticks at the ready. StickARK requires no add-on parts or extra drilling. Simply insert either end of the foam rubber piece under a bass drum tension rod (multiple notches adapt to any standard 8- or 10-lug bass drum). Sticks stay snugly in place nestled in the StickARK’s four slots at a convenient, ergonomic position. Picking up a fresh stick is as comfortable and natural as if it magically appeared in your hand. $9.95 includes free shipping in U.S.


Remo Goodies: Emperor's New Clothes

Remo Heads

Ebony series fans rejoice! Remo has expanded its popular black opaque drumhead line to include a full range of sizes in the company’s Emperor weight. By marrying two plies of film – 7.5 mil Ebony and 7 mil clear – these new models promise more durability than one-ply Ebony Ambassadors, while still offering warmth, volume, attack, and clarity with focused mid-range. Designed for snares and toms, Ebony Emperor drumheads are being launched in 6", 8" 10" 12" 13" 14" 16" 18" sizes. $27.90 — $48.90.


Innovative Percussion Rolls Out New Models

Legacy Drumsticks

Innovative Percussion has been on a roll for the past year. In 2013 they announced a series of great new endorsers such as Sheila E, Shannon Forest, and Chris McHugh For 2014 they have announced new artists and introduced 7 new drumset models into the Legacy Series. The IP-L5AB and IP-L2B are new hickory wood and nylon tip models, and the 3 maple models are the IP-LM7A, IP-LM5A, and IP-LM5B. Specifications and list prices are included below.

Hickory Models

  • IP-L5AB: L – 16”; Dia. - .580”; Wood Tip; List Price - $15.25
  • IP-L5ABN: L – 16”; Dia. - .580”; Nylon Tip; List Price - $16.50
  • IP-L2B: L – 16”; Dia. - .630”; Wood Tip; List Price - $15.25
  • IP-L2BN: L – 16”; Dia. - .630”; Nylon Tip; List Price - $16.50

Maple Models

  • IP-LM7A: L – 16”; Dia. - .535”; Wood Tip; List Price - $15.25
  • IP-LM5A: L – 16”; Dia. - .565”; Wood Tip; List Price - $15.25
  • IP-LM5B: L – 16”; Dia. - .595”; Wood Tip; List Price - $15.25

Sabian Stick Flip Plays Dual Role: Stickbag And Holder

Sabian Stick Flip

Stickbags, holders, and stands all have their place. Now, Sabian has combined them in the new Stick Flip. The Stick Flip is a stickbag that stands up to function as a holder while you're playing. It starts out as a drumstick bag, that you unzip and flip, and it becomes a drumstick holder!

The Stick Flip morphs from drumstick bag to drumstick holder using a proprietary Flip design. The transformation is quick and easy with no snaps or special connections required. During a gig, the Stick Flip sits next to the drummer, putting spare sticks within arm’s reach. When the gig is over, the Stick Flip easily folds back into a stick bag and is ready for the next show.

This new design removes the stick bag from the floor tom freeing it to fully resonate. It is available in two color options and is available at top retail stores worldwide. Learn more at