Sabian Stick Flip Plays Dual Role: Stickbag And Holder

Sabian Stick Flip

Stickbags, holders, and stands all have their place. Now, Sabian has combined them in the new Stick Flip. The Stick Flip is a stickbag that stands up to function as a holder while you're playing. It starts out as a drumstick bag, that you unzip and flip, and it becomes a drumstick holder!

The Stick Flip morphs from drumstick bag to drumstick holder using a proprietary Flip design. The transformation is quick and easy with no snaps or special connections required. During a gig, the Stick Flip sits next to the drummer, putting spare sticks within arm’s reach. When the gig is over, the Stick Flip easily folds back into a stick bag and is ready for the next show.

This new design removes the stick bag from the floor tom freeing it to fully resonate. It is available in two color options and is available at top retail stores worldwide. Learn more at

Roland's Noise Eaters Make The World Safe For V-Drums

Innovative Sound Isolation Units for Kick Pads/Pedals and Hi-Hat Pedals

Roland Ne-1

Among the most interesting products of this year's NAMM are Roland's NE-10 and NE-1 Noise Eaters, two new sound isolation devices designed for use with kick pads and pedals, and hi-hat pedals in a V-Drums set. Noise Eaters solve a common problem: how to isolate the acoustic sound for V-Drums when they’re played on upper floors of multi-level structures, such as houses, apartments, condos, offices, and studios.

V-drums are already quiet and allow players to use headphones to practice and record in situations where it would be impossible to use acoustic drums. However, the physical action of usiStill using the kick and hi-hat in a multi-level building leads to noise on adjoining floors. In tests, Noise Eaters eliminates approximately 75 percent of noise compared to using pedals without them, a dramatic improvement.

Roland Ne-2

Roland NE-10 sound isolation board

The NE-10 Noise Eater is a compact sound isolation board designed to be placed under a V-Drums kick pad/pedal or hi-hat control pedal. It features multiple dome-shaped rubber dampers for sound isolation and a low-profile design that doesn’t affect playing feel or stability. The NE-10 can be used standalone with a Roland KD-9 Kick Pad, KD-7 Kick Trigger, or FD-8 Hi-Hat Control Pedal.

The NE-1 Noise Eater is a small sound isolation foot intended to be used as necessary along with the NE-10 Noise Eater. It features a unique rubber damper structure that provides maximum sound isolation in a very compact and efficient device. When using a Roland KD-140/KD-120 V-Kick or a hi-hat stand for the Roland VH-13/VH-11 V-Hi-Hat, users should place the NE-10 under the pedal and NE-1 units under each stand leg as needed.

Roland Debuts KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal

Quiet Operation and Pro Feel in an Integrated Low-Profile Design

Roland KT-10


Quiet Operation and Pro Feel in an Integrated Low-Profile Design

Roland has rolled out the Roland is proud to KT-10, an all-new kick trigger pedal for V-Drums sound modules and other electronic percussion instruments. With an all-in-one design, the KT_10 is designed to deliver professional performance with a compact footprint and ultra-low profile. Newly developed by Roland, the inventive reverse-action trigger mechanism in the KT-10 makes the pedal not only compact in size, but also far quieter in operation than a kick pad played with a standard pedal and beater, making it ideal for musicians that use V-Drums at home.

According to Roland, the KT-10 produces approximately 75 percent less noise in the playing room than a Roland KD-9 Kick Pad triggered with a standard beater. Simple adjustments allow the user to customize the KT-10’s feel to suit their personal playing style. Weights in the beater mechanism can be removed or shifted to change the response, while moving the integrated spring to different hook positions modifies the pedal’s tension. It also includes a Mix In trigger jack for users to create a double-pedal setup with a second KT-10. It is compatible with all Roland products with 1/4-inch trigger inputs.

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New E-Percussion KAT-alyst

kat percussion

KAT adds to their impressive line of electronic products with the KTMP1multipad, an easy and expandable solution to any percussion setup. Playable with both hands and sticks, this single module brings electronic drum, dance, and percussion sounds immediately to your fingertips.

Both compact and affordable, the KTMP1 features 50 high-quality, fully-adjustable sounds. These sounds can be tuned, panned and assigned to any of the four highly responsive pads. Additionally, you can fine-tune reverb, sensitivity and level control to shape every sound to perfectly suit your needs. The KAT KTMP1 is the perfect add-on to any drum set or percussion rig and the ultimate tool for the studio.

Roland's TM-2 Powers Acoustic-Electric Options

ICompact and Affordable Sound Module for Hybrid Acoustic/Electronic Percussion

Roland TM-2

Los Angeles, CA, January 15, 2014 — Acoustic-electronic hybrid drummers got a boost today as Roland introduced its Roland TM-2 Trigger Module, a new electronic percussion module with high-quality onboard sounds, user sound expansion via SCHD cards, and two trigger inputs for a variety of Roland pads and drum triggers. Battery powered and compact, the TM-2 provides a simple, affordable solution for drummers that want to create a hybrid kit that brings acoustic and electronic elements together.

The TM-2 is easy to integrate with any acoustic drum set, mounting quickly and unobtrusively onto a hi-hat stand or drum rack using standard hardware. It’s battery-powered and features an intuitive panel for assigning sounds and saving kits, plus large, easy-to-press buttons for calling up kits while performing.

Built-in trigger inputs allow players to connect two pads or trigger devices at once. Nearly any pad in Roland’s extensive V-Drums lineup can be used, including those that support dual triggering. Ideal options for a hybrid application include the BT-1 Bar Trigger Pad and KT-10 Kick Trigger Pedal. The TM-2 is also is designed to work with Roland’s RT-series acoustic drum triggers that mount on kick, snare, and tom drums.

The TM-2 includes more than 100 ready-to-play professional sounds, with an emphasis on sounds and tonal elements optimized for layering with acoustic drums, making it easy for players to achieve polished, high-impact sounds when playing live through a P.A. system.

Additional features include:

  • Electronic sounds for modern styles
  • Traditional percussion instrument sounds such as cowbell or woodblock
  • SDHC slot to store and trigger WAV sounds, loops and backing tracks
  • Ability to mix WAV with internal sounds for custom kits
  • Multi-effects engine for rever, delay, flanger, etc.
  • MIDI I/O to connect to computer and trigger V-drums

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