Gear Showcase

New E-Percussion KAT-alyst

The KAT KTMP1 is the perfect add-on to any drum set or percussion rig and the ultimate tool for the studio.

Gear Showcase

Roland’s TM-2 Powers Hybrid Drummers

Roland TM-2

Roland's TM-2 Trigger is ideal for acoustic-electronic hybrid percussion.


Kenny Aronoff’s 1994 TAMA Artstar II

This Tama Artstar ll drum set is the last touring set Aronoff ever played as a member of Mellencamp’s band.


Yamaha Live Custom Oak Drum Set

David Libman says the Yamaha Live kit is "a sensibly designed, relatively no-frills workhorse, capable of sounding musical across the entire dynamic range."

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Sonor Announces The Birch Infinite Kit

Sonor announces a new drum kit: the Birch Infinite shell set, handmade in Germany.

Company Profile

Meet Your Maker: Dark Horse Percussion

In the ensuing two years, Dark Horse has continued its rapid ascension into the upper echelon of custom builders by expanding its reach and narrowing its focus.

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Apogee Mic 96k Upgrades iOS Recording

Mic 96k

The new Apogee Mic 96k is built for high-quality recording for iPad, iPhone, and Mac.


Trick Drums: Hardware Roundup

Brad Schlueter checks out some of Trick Drums' newest hardware offerings, including the Pro 1-V Bigfoot Double pedal with chain drive and laser triggers.

Gear Showcase

Grover Pro’s Tambourine Mounting Clamp

Grover Pro introduces a new tambourine mounting clamp to its line of accessories.

Rock Ballad Drum Loops Aid Songwriters

Rock Ballad Loops

Drumwerks has a new set of rock ballad drum loops and samples to aid in songwriting.