Gary Burton: The Four Mallet Man

Playing vibes — not your garden-variety choice back when the Beatles and Rolling Stones were busy burning up any memories of Elvis — Burton was a focused young man with a vision.


Carlos Caro: Afro-Cuban Evolution

Percussionist, teacher, composer, and bandleader Carlos Caro is a prime example of the Cuban cross-pollination that continues to enrich the Bay Area.


Michael Wimberly: Master Of Global Grooves

Percussionist, educator, and performer, Michael Wimberly creates videos and books teaching students how to have fun while playing hand drums.

Product Test

Gon Bops Orestes Vilato Signature Timbales

The Orestes Vilato timbales are 1) simple set up and tear down, 2) lightweight, and 3) a pleasant timbale sound when played with lighter sticks.


Yousif Sheronick: At The Corner Of The World

Trained in classical and contemporary percussion, blended with a strong world music sensibility, Yousif Sheronick often balances on the edge of different musical genres.

How To

Peg-Tuned Ceremonial Drums

Glen Caruba explains how to peg-tune ceremonial drums and how to play them.


New Gear: Percussion Roundup

Check out this November's roundup of percussion instruments from Tycoon, Ron Vaughn, and LP.


Snap Shot Brazil: Rocking The Cradle Of Carnaval

With traditions as long as the Amazon itself, let's head to Brazil in search of that greasy, swinging feel that emanates from every pore of Brazilian music.


Joyful Noise: Inside KoSA Drum Camp

Drummers of all varieties from age seven to 70 gather in the countryside of Vermont to learn from an array of masters in hands-on workshops.


Steve Kroon: Laughing In The Face Of Uncertainty

Steve Kroon talks about stepping out on his own and the musicians that helped to advance his status as go-to percussionist for Latin jazz and R&B in NYC.