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Toca Kalani Flex Drums Tested!

Gary Gardner reviews Toca's Kalani Flex Drum, an instrument he says has both great design features and allows versatility in playing abilities.

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Daniel de los Reyes: Prince Of Percussion

We get to know Daniel de los Reyes a little better, an A-list Latin percussionist who has recorded with artists like Jennifer Lopez and Gloria Estefan.

Percussionists, Hand Drum

Keith Terry & Crosspulse: World-Music Traditions

Meet Crosspulse, the five member band that uses instruments like djembes, congas, shekeres, guiros, and okedos, and cover an array of musical styles.

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Layne Redmond: Chasing The Frame Drum

We meet Layne Redmond, a historian, performer, recording artist, author, but most importantly, a consummate student and authoritative rhythm teacher.

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Classic & Collectible: Latin American Instruments

slingerland bongos

When I Love Lucy debuted in 1951, America was introduced to Latin instruments, spurring a market for bongos and maracas, which are now collectible.

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Tamir Muskat: Balkan Beat Box

We talk with drummer/percussionist/producer Tamir Muskat about his band, Balkan Beat Box, a melting pot of every genre from dub reggae to Arab techno.

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GonBops “El Toro” Efrain Toro Signature Cajon

Gregg Juke says that while he's played a whole lotta cajons over the years, the El Toro is one of the finest ones he's ever played.

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Frank Colón: New Sounds & Ancient Traditions

Percussionist Frank Colón sat down with DRUM! and told us how insatiable curiosity led him to a thorough knowledge of percussion in multiple cultures.

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Inside Mickey Hart’s Mystery Box

We spend some time with Mickey Hart and company, as some of the biggest names in percussion band together to work on Mickey Hart's Mystery Box.

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Inside Pete Engelhart’s Workshop

We recently shadowed legendary craftsman Pete Engelhart to get the lowdown on his metalworking ways and to catch a glimpse of his creative domain.