Jeff Greene: TriBeCaStan’s Global Groove Hunter

Drummer Jeff Greene tells us about his global rhythm band, TriBeCaStan's, third and most adventurous album yet, New Delhi.

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Skin Talk: How To Rehead A Djembe

There is a lot to consider when assembling one of these sacred African drums, which first made an impact outside West Africa in the 1950s.


Ravi Naimpally: Tabla For The Masses

Tabla master Ravi Naimpally tells us how his love for the instrument began early, and how he became a part of his current band, Tasa.


River Guerguerian: River Runs Wide

We talk with percussionist River Guerguerian about his muse, music and life, not to mention work – aka his new album, Grooves For Odd Times.


The Glossary Of World Percussion Instruments

We've compiled a glossary of essential world percussion instruments from Africa, South Asia, Lain America, and many others that you will encounter.

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Swan Corsoba Cajon Deluxe Reviewed!

We review Swan's Corsoba Cajon Deluxe — a well-intoned instrument with crisp slap tones and plenty of definition and attack.


Evelyn Glennie: Sound In Silence

One of the most in-demand female percussionists, Evelyn Glennie is a study in determination, allowing nothing to impede her art – not even deafness.


Poncho Sanchez: El Conguero Pays It Back

Poncho Sanchez, or El Conguero, is still living up to his nickname sixty years later. In this article he talks about his latest project, Chano Y Dizzy.

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Taye Drums Wood Timbales Tested!

Taye Timbale

Taye bucked the age-old tradition of steel shell construction when they introduced these wood timbales. But the sound, and price, proved to be right.


Snowboy: London’s Bleedin’ Latin Jazzer

Meet Snowboy and The Latin Section, one of the few Brits with a Latin band, and take a look at their latest album, Mambo Rage.