Meinl Timbale Roundup: For Any Occassion

Attack Of The Fire-Breathing Timbales

Finally we have Meinl’s Attack timbales, aka, the Dave Mackintosh Signature Artist Series Attack timbales (whew!). Designed with input from DragonForce drummer Dave Mackintosh, these timbs can be used singly or in a pair, and both come in 8" diameters, the difference being the shell depth of 9" and 11" respectively. They can be mounted on a variety of stands or tom mounts using an L-bracket.

These are very interesting drums, as they certainly could be used for a unique kind of timbalito sound in traditional Latin music or as a jazz-y percussive accent, but they can also be tuned in ways that very closely approximate the tone of a set of concert toms, marching quads, or another manufacturer’s Octoban drums that were nearly de rigguer equipment in the ’80s and ’90s. This makes the Attack timbs a good choice for everything from hard rock to percussion ensemble music, so they get high marks in versatility. They are also good-looking drums, made from steel with a black nickel finish.

timbale roundup


I tested each of the models sent for review individually, and I also recorded each in the studio separately as well as in an ensemble piece. With just a stereo microphone in a decent-sounding room, the Professional series, Drummer Snare timbales, and Attack timbales all delivered the goods, with crisp rimshots, decent low end, plenty of volume, and cutting shell and rim sounds. There is really nothing negative to say, as they all sounded great and are well-built, so the choice you make will depend more on musical preference, available stage real estate, and personal budget.


Models & List Price
Professional Series Timbales $1,020 per set
Drummer Snare Timbales
8" $148
10" $162
Artist Series Attack Timbales $320 per pair

Meinl USA


Professional Series Timbales: Made from German B8 cymbal bronze; comes with heavy-duty stand, cowbell holder, accessory pouch, tuning wrench, and tune-up oil.

Drummer Snare Timbales: Steel construction, matte-black finish, adjustable internal snare mechanism, 8" or 10" diameters.

Artist Series Attack Timbales: Steel construction, black nickel finish, tuning key, tune-up oil.

*Note: Drummer Snare timbales and Attack timbales do not come with a stand, but are designed for use with L-bracket tom mounts.

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