Motherland Music: A Passion For Africa

One Man's Passion For The Motherland

By Phil Hood Published July 17, 2010

Down in the concrete and grit of Los Angeles (or Culver City to be exact) is an oasis of African percussion called Motherland Music. Los Angeles' gift to the hand drum community is the work owner Dan Rice, who was bitten with the hand drumming bug on a trip to Africa many years ago and never got over it. Since then Dan has devoted his life to spreading the hand drumming gospel with fidelity to the music and culture of Africa. His shop is packed with rare handmade instruments from ashikos and djembes to a few non-drums such as an African okra. it also has plenty of space for group lessons, drum circles, and spontaneous jams.

Rice not only imports instruments, he and his staff can build or repair almost any kind of drum — the day we visited they were cleaning up the bearing edge on a djembe. If you're the L.A. area and have yet to make it to Motherland Music, then by all means check it out. Motherland Music, 2921 La Cienega Blvd., Culver City CA 90232,

Dan Rice of Motherland Music.

They repair, customize, and build in the shop..

Need new heads? Rice can cut new ones from his supply of exotic skins..

The amazing wall of djembes, all imported from Africa.

Rice works with native builders to get congas and other drums made to authentic specifications.

The store also has a wide array oaf other native drums, shakers, and percussion instruments of all types.

African masks and native marimbas.

The store has space for drum circles and group classes.

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