New Gear: Percussion Roundup

hand drum roundup

Shake Your Moneymaker

Ron Vaughn has never underestimated the power of tambourine to cut through the other instruments and anchor the time. With such a weighty role, it’s no wonder his new 10" Concert tambourines are like works of art. The smoothly contoured, solid maple bodies are outfitted with a double row of German-made silver jingles mounted on phosphorous bronze pins and arranged in a staggered pattern. Vaughn’s original SuperGrip handle lets you shake the lightweight tambourine comfortably at any speed. Adding to the streamlined look, the calfskin heads are clean-mounted without any tacks, bands, or bulky hardware. Great for live or recording work in any musical setting. SuperGrip optional. List price: $275.

Ron Vaughn

hand drum roundup

Light Makes Right

LP has taken its popular Aspire djembe and made it out of uniquely beautiful jamjuree wood. Sometimes called Siam walnut, jamjuree is 15 percent lighter in weight than Siam oak so your setup and breakdown will be that much easier. The rounded bowl-shaped upper chamber delivers incredible resonance and rich bass sounds and allows a wide range of fundamental tones. The classy satin finish makes the unique grain stand out. The 12.5" x 25" djembe comes with a jamjuree wood shell with natural finish, black powder coated EZ Curve Rims, natural goatskin head, modern mechanical tuning, and LP Heart side plates with 0.675"-diameter tuning lugs. List price $319.

Latin Percussion

hand drum roundup

Boomin’ Box

The Practice Cajon from Tycoon percussion comes fully equipped with a built-in 5" speaker, an adjustable volume knob, a 1/8" auxiliary input, and a 1/4" input on the back of the cajon, allowing musicians to plug in and play on the go. Due to its amplified nature, the Practice Cajon offers a controlled sound from the slaps to the bass tones. Both inputs make this the perfect drum for students or novice players who want to practice their rhythms along with their favorite track, but will also suit any level musician looking to shed alone, record, or play small gigs. Body and front plate are crafted from sustainably harvested Siam oak.

Tycoon Percussion