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April 2010 Issue of DRUM!


April, 2010

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What Is Groove? It’s not something you talk about, it’s something you do. By Brad Schlueter

L.A. Groove Roundtable
Charlie Waymire, Ernest Tibbs, Tim Pedersen, and Bernard Galane on drumming’s holy grail. By Dave Constantin

Old School Vs. New School
Brian Frasier-Moore on 50 years of groove evolution. By Andrew Lentz

Grooving With The Starr
Ringo knows a thing or two about grooving. Just get that click track outta here. By David Weiss

Grooves On Record
We suggest 24 albums that contain the most luscious feels in perpetuity. By Andy Doerschuk

15 Greatest Groove Drummers
From Aronoff to Zigaboo, these are the players you need to know. By Sam Pryor

Five Ways To Kill A Groove
Tony Braunagel discusses the things a drummer should never do. Ever.

Rhythm Section Perception
Keith Carlock and “Ready” Freddie Washington discuss locking as a team. By Chris Jisi

The Sweet 16
Essential feels that every drummer should know. By Brad Schlueter


Arturo Stable A Latin artist in name only. By Andrew Lentz
Product Review: Drumskulls Djembe and Rope-Tuned Congas. By Gregg Juke


How To Record Electronic Drums. Everything you need to know, from setup to creating sound files. By Jake Wood


Sonor Danny Carey and Phil Rudd Snare Drums By John Nyman
Trick Dominator Bass Drum Pedal By John Coviello


Workshop With Virgil Donati: The original drum jockey takes double bass to the next level.
Danny Gottlieb steals a neat trick from Mel Lewis. Don’t overlook a well-placed hi-hat chick, says Matt Byrne. Wally Schnalle’s endless fascination with paradiddles. Mark Schulman describes why it’s not all about what you play, but how.


Billy Rymer is The Dillinger Escape Plan’s latest glutton for punishment.


Special Groove Lessons With Rick Latham and Steve Gadd.

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