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August 2012 Issue of DRUM!

August 2012 Issue Of DRUM! Magazine

August 2012 Issue of DRUM! Magazine


33 Drummies Winners Announced

It’s that time again. You voted on everything from Drummer Of The Year to the Drumming Web Site Of The Year. Here are the results.

40 Nicko McBrain

Most influential drummer in the history of British metal? How about top three in heavy-metal period? All we know is Boomer is back.
By David Jarnstom

56 Vinnie Paul

After two albums of trying to be someone else, the Hellyeah drummer is back to doing what he does best.
By Andrew Lentz

69 Top 10 Drum Innovations (And Then Some)

Amazing how the smallest tweaks to our equipment can mean the difference between frustration and drummer bliss.
By Kevin Schuenemann


77 Snapshot: West Africa

A tour through the mysterious world of West African drumming culture.
By Brad Boynton

84 Product Roundup

New Gear from Tycoon, Grover Pro, and LP

86 Lessons

Richie Garcia strengthens independence via ancient bata rhythms. Glen Caruba tweaks a tumbao with tambourine.


89 Live Tracking In A Cut-And-Paste World

Recording live is a dying art. Here’s how to keep it alive.
By PC Muñoz

96 Dialed In

New gear from Alesis, Sonic Reality, and RAF Systems


99 Gretsch Brooklyn Kit
By Brad Schlueter

100 DW Nickel Over Brass Snare Drum
By AJ Donahue


105 Drum Parts: Christopher Guanlao

A note-by-note breakdown of Silversun Pickups’ single “Out Of Breath” from Neck Of The Woods.
By David Weiss

109 Lessons

Wally Schnalle adds to the conversation between hats and ride. Terence Higgins takes the flam way beyond the snare.


25 Allen Blickle

Baroness’ basher is a dance-music fiend hiding inside a doom-metal body.
By Andrew Lentz

29 J.D. Blair

For the style chameleon behind acts as disparate as Shania Twain and Victor Wooten, you either got it or you don’t.
By j. poet


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