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Special Touring Issue!

36 Tommy Lee Takes A Bow

As Mötley Crüe embarks on the last tour of its career, the drummer takes stock of a pop-metal institution. What a long, strange trip it’s been.

39 Glen Sobel: Pre-Show/Pre-Tour Prep

Alice Cooper’s powerhouse basher discusses what happens before you hit the stage — from rehearsals to backstage warm-ups.

46 Rich Redmond: The Business Of Touring

Jason Aldean’s veteran drummer shares secrets to getting the most out of your touring dollars.

49 Mark Poiesz: Gear Up For Gigs

Take it from Tyler Farr’s drummer — you don’t want to be stuck in the middle of nowhere without the right supplies.

50 Sean Fuller: How To Stay Healthy On The Bus

Touring with Florida Georgia Line is nothing short of a year-round sprint. Here’s how Fuller keeps up and keeps fit.

56 Chris Johnson: Logistics Of The Road

Time management. Packing. Traveling overseas. Itineraries. Rihanna’s rhythmic ace on surviving (and thriving) during a world tour.

59 Aaron Draper: Getting Along With Bandmates

It’s important to keep a cool head with bandmembers while on tour. Draper knows, backing up both Rihanna and Eminem this year.

60 Devin Webster: Onstage Issues

Things can go wrong — and go very right —in the middle of a show. Here’s how Eminem’s drummer deals with both.


20 Gear Guide: New Hardware For 2014

The latest pedals, stands, mounts, thrones and other kit essentials.

Hand Drum!

65 Being Sheila E.

The first lady of percussion talks about her role in a hand drum dynasty, working with Prince, and the inspiration behind her new solo album.

Plugged In

71 Minimalist Miking Techniques

The art of getting a big sound with the fewest microphones.

Sound Lab

80 Mapex Black Panther Snare Drum Roundup

Nomads, Machetes, RetroSonics, and Phat Bobs — oh, my!

Practice Pad

85 Workshop:20 Greatest Open Hi-Hat Moments

Essential hat flavors — and their precise notation — for your trick bag.


33 Brad Wilk

The Black Sabbath pinch-hitter is still raging against the machine.

Everything Else

Notation Guide
Single Strokes
Time Capsule

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