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December 2009 Issue of DRUM!

DRUM! December 2009 Issue: Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron

By Phil Hood Published November 15, 2009

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30 Matt Cameron Pearl Jam’s longest-serving drummer dishes on finally earning his independence and what it was like to record the band’s best album ever. By Dave Constantin

43 Teaching Drums From essential chops to creating a business plan, a seasoned veteran shows how to become a gainfully employed instructor.

By Brad Schlueter

52 Gene Hoglan The “atomic clock” adds another band to his résumé while continuing his streak of animated stardom. By Andrew Lentz


63 Eric Velez For child prodigy and percussion superstar Eric Velez, there’s no such thing as starting your music career too early. By J. Poet

70 Meinl Frame Drums North African flavor at your fingertips. By Gregg Juke

72 Lesson Glen Caruba finds the ultimate rhythmic companion in the campana.

75 GarageBand Tips Mastering the recording software du jour is easier than you think.By Jim Aikin


80 Riding With Istanbul Mehmet Digging on (and digging into) the Tamdeger 60th Anniversary Ride and the Mikael Zilçan Tribute Ride. By John Nyman


86 Danny Gottlieb applies drum corps licks to jazz drumming. Terence Higgins shows how linear patterns are the essence of funk.


23 >Aaron Gillespie & Joe Musten These two drummers exorcise their demons in The Almost.

27 Toss Panos The Robben Ford Band drummer’s life as a professional musician often brings him full circle.


87 For Matt Byrne, the rudiments are more fun spread across the whole kit. Wally Schnalle applies a little squeeze to get a tasty polyrhythm.

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