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December 2011 Issue of DRUM!

December 2011 Issue of DRUM! Magazine

December Issue of DRUM! Magazine


26 Brann Dailor

The Mastodon bruiser offers a peek inside his head, the origin of his playing style, and the events that shaped crushing new album The Hunter.
By Andrew Nusca

36 Theater Drummer Roundup

For Vince Verderame (Blue Man Group), James Mack (Cirque Du Soleil), and John Sawicki (Stomp!), there’s no business like show business.
By Andrew Lentz

44 Dave Grohl

From scrappy punk rocker to grunge superstar, the head Foo Fighter relates his incredible journey in an exclusive excerpt from a new biography.
By Paul Brannigan

55 Wishbook

DRUM! Magazine’s annual holiday gift guide puts the joy back into the craziest shopping season of the year.


79 Hossam Ramzy

Whether rocking with Zeppelin or delving into Middle Eastern and Asian beat modalities, the percussionist gets heads bobbin’ and bodies moving.
By j. poet

88 Product Test

Pearl EZ Tune Djembes
By Gary Gardner

90 Lessons

Taku Hirano celebrates the wealth of sound in the cabasa. Richie “Gajate” Garcia transposes the essential Cuban beat, Iyesa, to the kit.


93 In The Studio

With Rich Redmond Country music’s rising drum star lays it all on the line at a recent Nashville studio session.
By Fett


100 Zoom Q3HD
By Jake Wood


104 Sabian Omni and Holy China Cymbals
By David E. Libman

106 Vater Player’s Design Sticks
By John Nyman


111 Kris Myers and Andy Farag

Umphrey’s McGee’s drummer and percussionist dissect choice cuts from new release Death By Stereo, plus parts from a UG rarity.


116 Wally Schnalle gets his funk in sync. Danny Gottlieb pays homage to Tony Williams’ bass triplets.


21 Dana Filloon

Metal-gaze gets a refresh from the Junius drummer.
By Andrew Lentz

128 20th Anniversary

A Q&A with DRUM!’s founders.


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