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February 2011 Issue of DRUM!

February 2011 DRUM! Introduces The Hall Of Fame

By Radim McCue

Published January 15, 2011

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February Issue of DRUM! Magazine

Cover photos: Freese: NEIL ZLOZOWER; Travis, Smith: ROBERT DOWNS; Hidalgo: MARTY TEMME; Conte: RENATO LUIZ FERREIRA; Beauford: ERIC KULIN; ?uestlove: EDDIE MALLUK; Peart: ANDREW MCNAUGHTON; Jordison: PR BROWN


Hall Of Fame After winning enough Drummies! for a life- time, it’s time to put ?uestlove, Travis Barker, Carter Beauford, Luis Conte, Josh Freese, Giovanni Hidalgo, Joey Jordison, Airto Moreira, Neil Peart, Chad Smith, and Dave Weckl on their rightful pedestals and give someone else a chance. Shine on you crazy diamonds. by Andrew Lentz and Sam Pryor

The Drum Doctor Need an early ’70s snare sound? How about the boom-y warmth of a 26" kick? Let Ross Garfield fill your prescription. by Diane Gershuny

Roland V-Drum Contest What happened in Vegas will not stay in Vegas: A dozen finalists doing their thing in the world’s first e-kit championships. Check out the snaps. by Dave Constantin


Pete Escovedo From backing Santana to creating his own Latin jazz orchestra, there are few names in the business as respected as this humble timbalero. by J. Poet


Remo NSL Tubanos by Gregg Juke


Changing the way you shake a tambourine can actually improve your independence, says Taku Hirano (while throwing in words like “ulnar rotation”); Glen Caruba demon- strates the four main striking techniques every prospective timbalero must know.


How To Craft An Electro-Acoustic Hybrid Kit Enhance your rig’s sound palette and retain your humanity. by Karen Stackpole


Blue Microphones Drum Kit Kit (sic) by Jake Wood



Craviotto Black Cherry Drum Set by Brad Schlueter

Diril Cymbals by David Libman


Steve Gadd The god of fusion offers insights into his approach on “Them Changes” from recent album Live At Voce. by John Natelli


107 Matt Byrne Latin-izes the funk (just like in Hatebreed, right Matt?); Terence Higgins gets odd with a lesson in five.


Pete Thomas The Elvis Costello drummer gets to play with one of the greatest songwriters of our time. Jealous much?

Paulo Baldi Going the distance with Cake.

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