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January 2010 Issue of DRUM!

DRUM! Magazine, January 2010: Steve Jordan

By Radim McCue Published December 15, 2009

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Steve Jordan From The Blues Brothers to John Mayer, meet themworld’s most prolific session drummer. You know him better than you think.

Ten Heaviest Drummers of All TimeThe definitive list of dudes who gave rock and roll its balls.

Ain’t That A Kick In The Head How to get what you want out of your bass-drum pedal.


Getting grounded with 30 Seconds To Mars’ Shannon Leto.

Complexity made simple with The Fall Of Troy’s Andrew Forsman.


Dream Cymbals David E. Libman is surprised and delighted with the Canadian manufacturer’s Bliss, Bliss Vintage, and Contact lines.

Drum Parts

For Justin Foley, the drum parts nearly wrote themselves on Killswitch Engage’s “Starting Over.”


Matt ByrneTerence Higgins can’t get enough of double-stroke rolls. There’s a whole sonic world between six and eight, says Billy Martin.

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