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January Issue of DRUM! Magazine


24 Patrick Carney: School Of The Unschooled

Getting back to basics is good for your technique, but staying there can also be a good career move. Just ask Carney as he shakes The Black Keys’ moneymaker.
By Andrew Lentz

33 Groove To Fill Transitions

Moving from one type of beat to another with grace and creativity isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.
By Brad Schlueter

38 The Many-Faceted Paradiddle

The ol’ RLRR-LRLL is one of the first rudiments we learn, and the last one we should ever forget.
By Wally Schnalle

41 How To Set Up Your Drums With Jimmy DeGrasso

Throne height, snare angle, inter-tom distance — all must be accounted for in a properly assembled kit.
By Dave Constantin

46 Terry Bozzio’s Commandments Of Drum Tuning

Tuning is not an exact science, but don’t let that stop you from making those drums sing.
Interviewed By Toby Welmers

49 Buying Your First Kit: The Drum Doctor’s Prescription

What to look for and what to avoid when making the most important purchase of your life.
Interviewed By Diane Gershuny

51 Stanton Moore On How To Watch And Learn

Watching other guys shred isn’t a passive activity — it’s an opportunity.
Interviewed By David Jarnstrom

53 Jam Session Etiquette With Terence Higgins

A guide through the potential landmine of playing with strangers.
Interviewed By David Jarnstrom

54 Advanced Drummer Fundamentals With Mike Johnston

Because even the most technically proficient among us must stay true to the basics.
Interviewed By Andrew Nusca


59 World Percussion Glossary

A reference guide of percussion instruments from every corner of the globe.
By Neel Kant Agrawal

68 Percussion Roundup

New gear from LP, Toca, and Ron Vaughn Percussion.

70 Lessons

Taku Hirano gets into the flying V configuration for congas. Glen Caruba talks metal — brass vs. steel, that is, and what it means for your jingle-jangle.


73 The DRUM!pedia Of Electronic Percussion Terminology

Know the terminology to better know the technology.
By Norman Weinberg

78 Dialed In

New gear from Korg, Alternate Mode, and Audix.


80 Crush Sublime Drums And Hardware
By AJ Donahue

83 TRX Young Turks Cymbals
By David E. Libman


93 Rich Redmond takes the first step on a whole new Money Beat journey. Danny Gottlieb gives it up to Jimmy Cobb’s mad comping skills. Wally Schnalle teaches you the importance of taking those stale beats for a ride.


21 Sean Reinert

The prog-metal technician packs a lot of ideas into Cynic’s new EP.
By Sam Pryor


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