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July 2009 Issue of DRUM!

DRUM! July 2009 Issue: Chad Smith


Chad Smith. For this Chili Pepper, creating a supergroup is as much fun as band camp.

Producers Roundtable. Four of Nashvilles’s top dogs discuss what they look for in drummers.

Keith Harris. The Black Eyed Peas groove-meister battles for his drumming soul.


Bashiri Johnson. The Brooklyn-bred conguero reveals why he’s still at the top of his game.

Not Your Typical Bongos. Gary Gardner pulls no punches with Gon Bops California series Bongo Trio.

Play Better. When Richie Garcia plays softly he still engages (almost) all the limbs. Whether it’s tumbao patterns or boogaloo, Taku Hirano makes it swing.


Microphone Madness. Mike Snyder takes you through the nuts and bolts of mike selection.


Chad Sexton works hard to maintain 311’s party.

Hamish Rosser knew exactly the kind of backbeat The Vines needed.


Brad Schlueter sticks it to the new Thrust kit.

John Nyman thinks Zildjian’s Z3 might be the bronze of the gods.


Andols Herrick discusses the brain power required for Chimaira’s "Try To Survive."


Matt Byrne keeps on crushing with the double pedal/ crash-fill combo.

Billy Martin’s funky flavors really cook.

Our new punk instructor, Darrin Pfeiffer, has high bpms on his mind.

Wally Schnalle halves your shuffle time.

Terence Higgins breaks out an old marching-band trick for some sweet permutations.

Cover photo: Robert Downs

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