Inside The July 2010 Issue

July 2010 Issue of DRUM!

DRUM!’s July Issue 2010: Rhythm Gurus, Korn Crushers, and Roots Slappers

By Radim McCue

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Photography by Robert Downs,


30 Ray Luzier The Korn crusher recounts the arduous process from growing up on a farm to becoming an L.A. session ace, and now, a reluctant rock star.

42 Steve Smith The drumming icon’s journey has taken him from classic rock superstar to global rhythmic guru seeking beats in the furthest corners of the world.

51 The Gigging Tree There’s an art to getting the bandleader’s call (and keeping the phone ringing). This is your guide to making your passion pay.


59 Frank Knuckles The Roots’ percussionist may keep it simple but he rocks it deep.

64 Product Test Sabian Hand Percussion You thought the Canadian cymbalsmith only made killer crashes, rides, splashes,

69 Lesson With the palm-finger technique, Taku Hirano takes Afro Cuban licks a few steps forward.


71 Make ’Em Sing Everything you need to know for the perfect drum-miking approach.


76 Ludwig Epic X-Over Drums The blended-wood kit has a sound palette as large as the name implies.

78 Mapex Falcon These ultra-lightweight pedals put a spring in your step


87 Thrash-metal thug Jordan Mancino parses the beats on As I Lay Dying’s “Anodyne Sea.”

93 Matt Byrne takes the “train beat” out of the coun- try. Terence Higgins explains a freaky hybrid-rudiment: The diddle egg five.

94 Danny Gottlieb pays tribute to an icon with the Bagby triplet.


21 George Rebelo Against Me!’s new drummer keeps pinching himself, just to make sure he’s not dreaming.

25 Erin Tate The trials and tribulations (not!) of playing in hipster fave Minus The Bear.

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