Inside The July 2011 Issue

July 2011 Issue of DRUM!


30 Tim Yeung

Shredding his way through a grip of underground metal acts and pushing the Drumometer into the red, Tim Yeung is now doing damage with Morbid Angel. And he’s got a message for you … By Sam Pryor.

42 Dino Campanella

Following his instincts, the Dredg sticksman takes the drums into daring places while never loosing sight of the groove. And what a groove it is. By Andrew Lentz

53 Terry Bozzio

The legendary beat adventurer and commander of the world’s biggest drum set revisits the ostinato variations, double bass combinations, and practicing techniques that got him to where he is. By Brad Schlueter


59 Sammy Figueroa

The conguero wasn’t about to let a few Grammys go to his head. As Urban Nature shows, the Miami-based Figueroa is all Bronx at heart. By John Ephland

65 Product Test

Stanton Moore Pandeiro, Hi-Hat Shekere, Fusheki, and Qube Shaker from Latin Percussion. By Gary Gardner


68 Taku Hirano takes it back to the fundamentals with a refresher on the manoteo; Richie “Gajate” Garcia rides the new wave of Venezuela with the onda nueva.


71 Pointers From The Pros

The producers behind Sonic Youth, Lucinda Williams, and Green Day share their sound- capturing techniques. By Sam Pryor


78 Tama Silverstar Birch Drum Set By Brad Schlueter

80 Istanbul Mehmet Hat Trio By David E. Libman


93 Brandon Barnes

The Rise Against drummer rebels against clichés on “Help Is On The Way.” By David Weiss


98 Matt Byrne goes gospel with hi-hat thirty-seconds; Danny Gottlieb pays tribute to big-band great Jake Hanna; Rich Redmond lets his left hand do the driving; Wally Schnalle focuses on double accent paradiddles.


21 ameenah kaplan’s got style, skills, and gigs to die for.

25 Hate Eternal’s Jade Simonetto kicks the crud out of the competition.


104 In Memoriam

DRUM! pays tribute to the legends we’ve lost over the past 20 years.

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