Inside The July 2013 Issue

July 2013 Issue of DRUM!

Cover Story

32 Brad Wilk

When the former Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave skinsman was asked to fill his hero’s shoes, well, let’s just say he couldn’t say no to Sabbath.


42 Hannah Ford

One of the industry’s hardest working drummers (and occasional hater target) lands a coveted slot with Prince.

55 15 Steps To Being A More Creative Drummer

Follow these guidelines to take yourself and your drumming off the grid.

Hand DRUM!

65 Spotlight: Brazil

In Latin America’s most populous region, a mix of cultures yields a rich rhythmic heritage.

70 Product Round-Up

The latest from LP, Meinl, and Gon Bops

72 Lessons

Taku Hirano puts brush to box. Glen Caruba finds inspiration on the links.

Plugged In

75 Trigger Parameters 101

Essential steps to achieve e-kit nirvana.

80 Dialed In

New gear from Yamaha, Alternate Mode, and The Loop Loft

Drum Parts

89 Robert Ortiz

Escape The Fate bruiser discusses the manic beats of “You’re Insane.”

Practice Pad

100 Lessons

Rich Redmond rocks the bell. Glen Sobel celebrates his favorite rudiment. Danny Gottlieb takes on one of Tony Williams’ trickiest solos.


27 Scott Rockenfield

The driving force behind Queensrÿche is all business.

Everything Else

Notation Guide
Single Strokes
Time Capsule

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