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June 2010 Issue of DRUM!

Meet The New Thomas Lang In DRUM!'s June 2010 Issue

By Radim McCue Published May 14, 2010

The ultimate technical drummer is redefining himself with a new record and a new approach. Find out what Thomas Lang has to say in the June 2010 issue of DRUM!, which also includes a killer transcription from Lang's latest recording (and an online lesson as well). The issue also features Morgan Rose of Sevendust; a guide to home recording of drum; reviews of the latest Roland model, the TD-20SX and much more.

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Thomas Lang The super-human Austrian has more going on than polyrhythmic trickery and ridiculous speed — but there’s still plenty of that too.By Dave Constantin

Morgan Rose With Sevendust’s eighth album, this percussive punisher continues to outwit rivals, thrill fans, and even surprise himself. By Andrew Lentz

Vic Firth Factory Tour

A behind-the-scenes look at the wood artistry of one of the biggest names in the drum stick business. By Phil Hood


Eric Bobo The Cypress Hill percussionist is a little but Latin, a little bit hip-hop, and a whole lotta funky. By J. Poet

Product Test

Toca Percussion’s Jamal Dumbek and Freestyle Klong Yao could be the coolest-looking, most exotic-sounding drums you’ll find for the money By Gary Gardener


Taku Hirano shows why playing guaguanco against clave is a great-sounding way to build independence.


Sound Design Tips Simple tricks for creating professional-level recordings. By Jim Aikin


Roland TD20SX V-Pro Series Electronic Drum Set; Evans EC2 SST Heads.


Workshop: Metal Hot Licks Breaking down the parts of metal monsters Sean Reinert, Jason Costa, Mike Terrana, Randy Black, and Marcos Barzo By Brad Schlueter



For jazz drummer Allison Miller, a bandleader solo album ought to be as groovalicious as it is conceptual; Wilding out with Animal Liberation Orchestra’s Dave Brogan

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