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June 2012 Issue of DRUM!

June 2012 Issue Of DRUM! Magazine

June 2012 Issue of DRUM! Magazine


31 Five Drum Sets Under $1,000

2012 is your year to snag a whole lotta drum set for less than a grand. Get some.
By David E. Libman


44 Zoro

The stellar sideman offers useful strategies for the working drummer based on his new book, The Big Gig.
By Andrew Lentz

57 Hidden Revenue Streams

A little creativity can turn the weekend bar band into a full-time gig.
By Jake Wood


63 Tamir Muskat

The Balkan Beat Box drummer turns far-flung rhythms into a global dance party.
By j. poet

68 Product Test

Gon Bops El Toro Cajon
By Gregg Juke

70 Lessons

Taku Hirano translates some sweet bongo repique patterns to the congas. Glen Caruba introduces a useful cheat for getting huge studio bass from a surprising source.


75 Ron “The Pocket Protector” Krasinski’s Top Recording Tips
By Fett

79 Dialed In

New gear from ResoTune, Alesis, and Alternate Mode.


80 Rocket Shells

Carbon Fiber Snares and Ngage Throw-Off
By Brad Schlueter

84 Evans G14 heads

By RL Hulsman


87 Drum Parts

Dave Brogan of ALO A cross-examination of “Speed Of Dreams” from new album Sounds Like This.
By David Weiss

93 Lessons

Matt Byrne hits the swing set. Danny Gottlieb solos around band figures. Rich Redmond ruffs up classic fills. Wally Schnalle puts the bass to work in a comping role.


21 Byron McMackin

Is it just us or is Pennywise’s drummer faster than ever?
By David Jarnstrom

25 Deantoni Parks

The Mars Volta pushes their new drummer to the outer limits.
By Andrew Lentz


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