Inside The March 2010 Issue

March 2010 Issue of DRUM!

Chad Butler, Bill Bruford, Xtreme Metal, And Goddesses Lead March 2010 Issue Lineup

DRUM! Table Of Contents, March 2010: Cover photo by Neil Zlozower


Chad Butler As the world goes to hell, the Switchfoot drummer stays the course — on the kit and in life. By Jared Cobb

Xtreme Metal Roundtable Matt Byrne, Andols Herrick, Paul Mazurkiewicz and Derek Kerswill on the pursuit — and pitfalls of — high bpms. By Andrew Lentz and Dave Constantin.

Ten Ways To Sound Like Bill Bruford The secrets behind the rhythmic trickster of King Crimson and Yes. By John Natelli.


Goddess Beat A conversation with frame drummers Miranda Rondeau, Alessandra Belloni, and Judy Piazza. By Diane Gershuny.


Fat Congas The company’s new Snare Cajon and Marimbula seduce with great tones and low prices. By Gary Gardner.


Guitarists . . . Who Needs ’Em? How to put together a MIDI percussion ensemble. By Norm Weinberg.


Tony Thaxton beats himself up as much as he does his drums. The unschooled approach of Story Of The Year’s Josh Wills.


Tama Starworks Series Drum Kit By Brad Schlueter. Super Sticks From Lento Percussion By Eric Kamm.


Matt Byrne goes to town with four-on-the-floor. For Terence Higgins, sensible note groupings are the key to odd meter. Danny Gottlieb rediscovers the magic of Count Basie’s drummer. With his hat-work drill, Wally Schnalle gets all the chicks.

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