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Cover Story

34 Hannah Welton

We catch up with the 3rdEyeGirl about her past htree whirlwind years as Prince's protégé. Ford? That's just so 2014.< span class="byline"> By John Payne.


28 Mark O'Connell

2015 Drummies! Artist Award Winners You know 'em. You love 'em> You voted for them. Hee are the drummers who made a difference in the past year..

29 Mike Clark

His drumming with The Headhunters was so funky that Clark spent the next few decades proving he's a really jazzy cat. .


23 Mark O'Connell

Taking Back Sunday rediscovers its voice. O'Connell rediscovers Taking Back Sunday..

25 Drryl Howell

Nicki Minaj. Maxwell. If he's not on the road with one, he's on the road with the other. .

Hand Drum

63 Koko Jones

After touring the world with the Isley Brothers and Whitney Houston, this percussionist made some changes.


78 Dream Ignitiion Cymbal Pack

Plugged In

69 Multipad Roundup

We rate key models from big names like Roland, KAT, Yamaha, and Alesis to find the right one for you.

Practice Pad

78 43 Shuffles Every Drummer Must Know

Spanning double and flat tire to fat man and Purdie, these are beats you need to get good gigs.

Single Strokes

15 POV

Charlie Morgan, Dave Raun, Jimmy Keegan, Johnny Kelly, and Tyler Eng consider the click.

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