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May 2010 Issue of DRUM!

May 2010 Issue Features Cindy Blackman

By Phil Hood April 19, 2010

Cover story sneak preview here.

May is going to be a beautiful month, at least judging by the cover of DRUM!. Cindy Blackman kicks off May coverage with a story exploring the mentors, from Blakey to her idol Tony Williams, who gave her acceptance and help on the way up. She repays Tony with her recent release, an homage to the great jazzman. Plus, there's the last interview with Tommy Clufetos as he prepares to leave Rob Zombie for drum duties with Ozzy Osbourne, and a massive gear reconnaisance report from the recent NAMM Show. Don't miss it.

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Cindy Blackman The jazz and rock superstar gives it up for Tony Williams, her longtime mentor and the muse behind her blazin’ new record, Another Lifetime.By jared Cobb

Tommy Clufetos Even when he’s raising hell, Rob Zombie’s drummer is the consummate professional.

By David Weiss

The 2010 NAMM Show Four days, thousands of exhibitors, and all the brand-new gear you can handle in our comprehensive wrap-up.

By Dave Constantin, Andrew Lentz, and Andy Doerschuk


Kevin Ricard The former Stevie Wonder percussionist discusses playing on prime-time television’s number-one show. No pressure or anything. By J. Poet


Taku Hirano captures a swung feel with tambourine. Going twice as fast with one hand? Glen Caruba shows you how.


Leah Shapiro Meet Black Rebel Motorcycle Club’s new drummer. Watch out, boy, she’ll chew you up.


Danny Gottlieb explores the Buddy Rich tom pattern. Wally Schnalle puts paradiddles over a bossa nova foot pattern. Terence Higgins on leading with the left hand for funky hi-hats.

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