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May 2014 Issue of DRUM!

Cover Story

42 Vinnie Colaiuta

No living drummer shape-shifts as skillfully as Vinnie Colaiuta. The master of ego-less playing opens up about his methods.


22 Gear Guide: New Drum Sets For 2014

Startling new trends — and old ones — are among this year’s crop of new kits. We tried to make sense of it all.

49 Top 10 Chameleon Drummers

The players who effortlessly blend into multiple musical situations.

57 49 Styles Every Drummer Must Know

From the shuffle to a 12/8 ballad, our short list of must-know grooves will have the gig offers rolling in.

69 ReStyle Workshop

Six songs that spawned memorable cover tunes, and how different drummers interpreted them.


35 Matt Garstka

Animals As Leaders’ whiz kid on the minutiae of his complex grooves.

39 Dan Searle

How Architects UK’s pulverizer made peace with perfection.

Hand DRUM!

75 Mike Dillon

Everyone’s favorite punk-rock vibraphonist raises the bars.

Product Test

80 Meinl Professional Series Djembes

Plugged In

83 Pursuit Of The Perfect Bass Drum Sound

It begins with the right mikes.

Sound Lab

88 DW Performance Series Bop Kit

92 Sabian Cymbal Vote Winners

Practice Pad

96 Lessons

Danny Gottlieb brings together Ed Soph and Joe Morello into one tasty continuous vamp/coordination exercise mélange. Glen Sobel introduces common double bass hand/foot combinations, then combines them. Chad Smith cops to stealing a bass drum trick from Buddy Rich.

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Notation Guide
Single Strokes
Meet Your Maker
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