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November 2009 Issue of DRUM!

DRUM!'s November 2009 Issue: Metal Wunderkind Jason Bittner

By Phil Hood Published October 30, 2009

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28 Jason Bittner The way Bittner slugs the skins on the new Shadows Fall album, it’s clear he has a score to settle. Ain’t payback a bitch? By Andrew Lentz

39 Taking Back Sunday Mark O’Connell gets the third degree from us — and fellow bandmembers — on what it takes to be a top-notch drummer. By Jared Cobb

48 Jimmy Cobb The hep cat who supplied the pulse behind Kind Of Blue is pushing the rhythm envelope well into his ninth decade. By Bill Milkowski

Hand Drum

61 Babatunde Lea The original traponga player recounts his days on the left coast, a stint with Pharoah Sanders, and how he found his groove on Umbo Weti. By J.Poet

68 Toca Acacia Tambourines And Natural Shakers Gary Gardner has a whole lotta shakin’ going on.

71 Lesson Taku Hirano parses the fingerwork of a one-handed tumbao.

Plugged In

73 Home Studio Monitoring Garrett Haines shares his know-how on attaining pro- level sound.


21 Jordan Burns breaks all the rules of drum tracking on Strung Out’s latest batch of catchy punk anthems.

25 On Sci-Fi Crimes, Chevelle’s Sam Loeffler creates honest-to-goodness drum sound with every note. Imagine that.

90 Mapex Meridian Birch Brad Schlueter says this good- looking, great-sounding kit is one of the best deals around.


92 Danny Gottlieb on why he digs paradiddle triplets. Darrin Pfeiffer gets deep inside the ska beat.

94 Wally Schnalle explores groups of seven in double and triple rhythmic environments.

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