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November 2010 Issue of DRUM!

November 2010 Good Charlotte's Dean Butterworth Leads The Charge

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28 Deam Butterworth You’ve heard him, whether you knew it or not: The story of drumming’s best-kept secret, from mysterious British origins to pop-punk greatness.

40 Patrick Wilson How did the Weezer drummer escape down-on-its-luck Buffalo to get to Beverly Hills? He strapped on a pair and went for it. That’s just how he rolls.

52 DRUM! Rhythm Night Recap A photo spread from our star-studded fundraiser for Little Feat’s Richie Hayward, featuring David Garibaldi, Marco Minnemann, and Thomas Pridgen, where jaws dropped, one dude’s year was made, and a bundle of cash was raised for Hayward’s family.


55 Pablo Batista From deep Afro Cuban roots to smoov jazz, to R&B buttah with Alicia Keys, ain’t nobody’s hands light up the congas like this Philly playa.


60 LP Aspire Santana Abraxas Angel Congas And Bongos


63 If you want to play salsa, you’d better master the campana, says Glen Caruba; Richie “Gajate” Garcia is back with another hybrid cajon kit exercise; for Taku Hirano, maracas aren’t just for Latin music any more.


65 Roland SPD-S Tutorial A primer on the iconic sample pad that's become the drummer staple


74 New e-gear ... from Drumcore, Audio-Technica, and BumChum


76 Shine Select Custom Series Kit Bespoke tubs at a working man's price point? Nice.

78 Vic Firth Signature Series Drum Sticks ... from Cindy, Marky, Tommy. Christof, Aaron and ?uestlove — oh my!


79 KickPort Bass Drum Enhancer The low end reaches an all-time high


86 "Cissy Strut" Learn to riff on the signature N’awlins funk beat of The Meters’ Zigaboo Modeliste


89 Jason Bonham The Zeppelin drummer’s heir breaks down “Too Late For The Sun” from his new all-star band, Black Country Communion.


94 Terrence Higgins dazzles ears and eyes with the Figure-8 Crossover; Rich Redmond’s Money Beats just got richer; paradiddles aren’t just for exercises, says Danny Gottlieb, they can quicken your jazz ride.


21 Death Angel's Will Caroll makes hella (or is that hellishly?) tasty thrash.

24 Steffan Halperin takes Klaxons into dark territory. Be afraid.

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