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November 2012 Issue of DRUM!

November 2012 Issue Of DRUM! Magazine

November 2012 Issue of DRUM! Magazine


29 Q&A: Steve Gadd & Edie Brickell

With the release of The Gaddabouts&srquo; sophmore effort, &srquo;90s hit maker Edie Brickell and God Drums himself discuss the special relationship of vocals and rhythm.
By Dave Constantin

34 Tré Cool

The clown prince of punk rock is dead serious about the singular drum sound he delivers in Green Day’s triple release. Just don&srquo;t ask him about concept albums.
By Andrew Lentz

48 Queen Cora Dunham

Her majesty has offered her rhythmic services to Prince, Beyoncé, and Maceo Parker, but that only hints at this musical sovereign&srquo;s ambitions.
By Sam Pryor

61 Show Choir Drummer Diary

A gleeful romp through the toughest gig you never knew existed.
By Danny Gorden


71 Amon

The Afro-dub–influenced percussionist from Analog Players Society could djem all night.
By j. poet

76 Product Test

Meinl Timbale Roundup
By Gregg Juke

78 Lessons

Taku Hirano plays the shaker with a new accent. Glen Caruba shows us a beater way to play cajon.


83 Getting That Hybrid Drum Sound

The art of combining &srquo;70s and modern tones is easier than you think.
By PC Muñoz

88 Dialed In

New gear from Yamaha, MXL, and Elliott Garage


90 Istanbul Mehmet Carmine Appice Signature Cymbals
By Brad Schlueter

92 Yamaha HexrackII
By AJ Donahue


100 Drum Parts: Brian Vodinh

The 10 Years drummer dissects the choice bits on &dlquo;Backlash&drquo; from Minus The Machine.
By David Weiss

104 Lessons

Matt Byrne on the infinitely versatile boogaloo beat. Rich Redmond fills us in on fills. For Wally Schnalle, paradiddles are a universe unto their own.


  • 8 Perspective
  • 13 Feedback
  • 14 Notation Guide
  • 16 Single Strokes
  • 24 Showcase
  • 107 Drum Picks
  • 112 Wiretap