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October 2009 Issue of DRUM!

DRUM! October 2009 Issue: Travis Barker's remarkable comeback

By the DRUM! Crew Published October 1, 2009


Travis Barker One of today's most exciting players talks about cheating death, the current Blink-182 reunion, and reinventing the role of the drummer. By Andrew Lentz

Sean Kinney For Alice In Chains' Sean Kinney, it was a long uncertain journey to Black Gives Way To Blue. By Dave Constantin


Ralph Irizarry From supportingthe fiercest cats in the biz to striking out on his own, the Nuyorican timbalero talks Seis del Solar, the future of salsa and more. By J. Poet

Pearl Jingle Cajon A little extra ring does the trick for Gary Gardner

Lessons Glen Caruba works the most rudimental rudiment into the hand drums. Taku Hirano applies the Bruce Lee death punch to the congas.


DevilDriver's John Boecklin tortures himself for your benefit.

Matt Wilson might abhor technology, but in his case, it's a good thing.


Meinl Soundcaster Fusion Cymbals John Nyman is amped on Gutenstetten, Germany's latest sound sensation.

Loud, Sensitive, and Vintage Yamaha Snare Drums Jon Cohan tries out three tasty new flavors.


DRUM PARTS: Carter Beauford celebrates odd meters on "Seven." By Dave Constantin.

LESSONS: Matt Byrne stays in the pocket with multiple stickings. Billy Martin shifts the downbeat to keep it fresh. Wally Schnalle sheds light on five-note groupings in an eighth-note triplet context.

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