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October 2010 Issue of DRUM!

October 2010 Rock Royalty Issue Features Lee And Bonham

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On the 30th anniversary of Bonham's passing the October "Rock Royalty" issue features a remembrance of rock's most influential drummer by his contemporaries, such as Bill Ward of Black Sabbath. Plus, new updates from a revitalized Tommy Lee, and awesome instruction from Thomas Lang and others. In celebration, DRUM! is giving away a free exclusive Bonham Digital Minibook (left) to all who sign up to join the DRUM! forums and community.


30 Tommy Lee The Methods Of Mayhem founder is out of his cage and on the loose — just in time for his second act.

44 John Bonham 30 years after his death, Bonham’s spirit still dominates the rock realm.

55 Grip It Up! A comprehensive guide by Thomas Lang on how to wield sticks for any occasion.


61 Marc Anderson The Zen Buddhist has a left-field take on rhythm.


68 Tycoon Acrylic Cajon


70 Tasteful transitions are one of Taku Hirano’s specialties; Richie “Gajate” Garcia introduces the hybrid kit.

71 Glen Caruba big-ups Richie Flores with a namesake triplet.


73 How To Get That ’70s Drum Sound Capturing rock drumming’s sonic holy grail.

DIALED IN 83 New E-gear from Apogee, Sennheiser, and Zildjian.


84 Tama Superstar Drums 100 percent birch is back, baby, and lookin’ good.

Derek Roddy Pedals A new paradigm in pedals? Could be ...


97 Mike Wengren New Disturbed track “Crucified” doles out the punishment.


101 Billy Martin conjures up some fun in five. Danny Gottlieb passes along some triplet tips courtesy of his alma mater.

102 Matt Byrne offers another installment of Garibaldi-isms. Wally Schnalle gives your feet a new reason to smile.


21 Matt Nicholls of Bring Me The Horizon takes you to hell and back

25 The Gracious Few’s Chad Gracey finds life after Live.

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