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September 2009 Issue of DRUM!

DRUM!'s September 2009 Issue: Carter Beauford

By Phil Hood Published August 28, 2009


29 Carter Beauford The funktastic pulse behind the Dave Matthews Band has a passion for playing that is downright contagious. By Dave Constantin

43 Chico Hamilton Well into his ninth decade, the risk-taking player and bandleader shows no signs of slowing down. By John Ephland


52 Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez It’s not easy for a percussionist in the prog wilderness of The Mars Volta, but, Lord knows, Marcel tries. By Andrew Lentz

56 West Coast Cool Gary Gardner gets his hands on a set of Tycoon Heritage Series congas and bongos.


59 Killer Apps Forget texting friends. Get an iPhone for its drum-specific applications. By Jake Wood


21 For Tim Yeung, extreme metal is more than a bpm race.

25 Being a session ace is easier than you might think. Just ask Chris McHugh.


72 Taye StudioMaple Bebop Kit A light touch is all it takes to elicit beauty from these drums. By Brad Schleuter

74 Sabian Ride Roundup It’s a bona fide bronze bonanza from the Canadian cymbalsmiths. By John Nyman

76 Pearl Demon Drive Eliminator Pedal Feast your feet on these fiendishly cool pedals. By Brad Schleuter

78 MXL Cube Microphones Don’t let the boxy aesthetics fool you, this mike is a workhorse. By Garret Haines


83 Barry Kerch gives it up to a greater power on Shinedown’s “The Crow And The Butterfly.” By Dave Constantin


88 Welcome To The Jungle Playing drum ’n’ bass so good the machine gets jealous. By Johnny Rabb


90 For Terence Higgins, Mardi Gras Indian grooves are as political as they are festive. Wally Schnalle swings hard with eighth-note triplets.

92 A 5/4 in punk rock? Darrin Pfeiffer sure as heck isn’t notating Morello’s “Take Five.” New contributor Danny Gottlieb honors a drumming legend with variations on a shuffle.

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