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September 2010 Issue of DRUM!

Passion For Playing: Josh Freese Leads September Issue Contents

By Radim McCue Published August 26, 2010

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28 Josh Freese Isn’t it overkill for a session star like Freese to anchor a band like Devo? Not when you’ve worshipped the nerdy new wavers since childhood.

40 Bill Ward The iron foot behind Black Sabbath looks back four decades to recall his inspiration for Paranoid’s drum parts. Then we show you how to play them.

53 All Keyed Up For collectors and laymen alike, the world of drum-tuning hardware can be a strange and wonderful place.


59 Jan Williams When the Buffalo soldier began sculpting vast sonic landscapes in the late 1950s, the percussion world was suddenly turned on its head.

64 Product Test Pearl’s Boom Box and Jesus Diaz Radial Edge Cajons

69 Lessons Taku Hirano sheds light on the Mozambique; Richie Garcia on Afro Cuban and Persian versions of 6/8; Glen Caruba gets your slap and palm triplet techniques working for both hands.


71 Behind the scenes of Bomb Shelter Studios with STP’s Eric Kretz.


74 Korg Wavedrum A universe of sound in a single pad? You know it.

76 Gretsch Catalina Birch Kit A whole lotta kit for a little bit o’ green.

78 Paiste Alpha Brilliant Series A bronze bonanza from Switzerland’s finest.


89 Vinnie Paul Learn how the twisted Texan kills it on “Order The Sun” from the new Hell Yeah release, Stampede.


94 With Wu-Tang beats, Billy Martin cultivates his inner Shaolin warrior. Straight out of Nashville, Rich Redmond shows you the beats to land the big money gigs.


21 The Gaslight Anthem’s Ben Horowitz has learned to trust his instincts when it comes to supportive playing.

24 After losing his best friend and bandmate, Danzig drummer Johnny Kelly struggled to stay on a musical path.


Cover Photo By Neil Zlozower

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