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September 2011 Issue of DRUM!
September Issue of DRUM! Magazine


26 March Of The Mayhem Monsters
A look at the ever-changing, always-challenging world of heavy metal drumming from three of the craft’s undisputed masters.
By Andrew Lentz

36 Defining Metal Moments
Stand-out bits of heaviosity for your beat arsenal.
By John Natelli

40 Jose Pasillas
The Incubus drummer has dialed back the complexity to live in the moment.
By Sam Pryor

51 Hot Licks: Roger Taylor
Seven essential beats from Queen’s underrated rhythm ace.
By Brad Schlueter


59 Richie & Roland Gajate-Garcia
“El Pulpo” and son forge percussive worlds — together and apart.
By John Ephland

65 Product Test
Raiding Toca’s toy chest is too much fun.
By Gary Gardner

68 Lessons
Glen Caruba makes that ol’ djembe rock like a drum set. Taku Hirano improves technique with manoteo (not as scary as it sounds.)

Plugged In

71 Drummers-only Tracking Session
We hide out in the studio as the AMbassadors Of Morning put their heads together (pun intended) to track the drums on “Shine,” the collective’s latest single.
By Karen Stackpole

Dialed In

78 New gear from Alternate Mode and Roland, plus BeatStudio’s killer app.


80 Paiste Masters Series Cymbals
By AJ Donahue

82 Los Cabos Drum Sticks
By John Nyman


93 Maracatu Workshop
If you haven’t tried your hand(s) at this Brazilian groove, now is the time.
By Scott Kettner


100 Practice-sticking makes perfect for Matt Byrne. Danny Gottlieb pays homage to Adam Nussbaum’s slick solo. Rich Redmond plays ruff.

104 The Top-20 Drum Albums Of The Last 20 Years
Our anniversary bash continues with the following editors picks. Let the controversy begin.


21 Nick Augusto
The new Trivium drummer leaves the grindcore underground for modern metal stardom.


7 Perspective
10 Feedback
12 Notation Guide
14 Single Strokes
18 Showcase
87 DRUM! Picks
106 Wiretap

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