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Cover Story

42 Jon Fishman

In our wide-ranging interview we discover that, as far as Phish’s egalitarian worldview goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same, which means they change a lot.


24 2014 Drummies! Artist Awards Winners

Presenting the drummers and percussionists from a plethora of styles that made the biggest difference in the past year — all picked by you.

56 Alex Lopez

Need inspiration? Look no further than the story of how Lopez and his Suicide Silence bandmates regrouped and retooled after the death of founding lead singer Mitch Lucker.

67 20 Parts Of Your Kit To Ignore At Your Own Risk

Don’t sweat the big stuff. Instead, we stress out about the tiniest bits of your kit that could easily destroy your next gig.


33 David Lovering

After an unexpected segue into prestidigitation, and equally unlikely switch to traditional grip, Lovering describes the fuzzy feelings of being a Pixie once again.

37 Homer Steinweiss

There is a studio in Bushwick, New York, where The Dap-Kings have labored for years to keep the spirit of soul music alive. It’s time to meet the man behind the beat.

Hand Drum

73 Mona Tavakoli

If you haven’t heard of Raining Jane’s cajon-crazy Mona Tavakoli — currently jetting around the world with Jason Mraz — the question is: Where’ve you been?

Plugged In

79 Snare Drums & Their Microphones

Nail your recorded snare drum sound with this exhaustive exploration of snare microphones and their placement options.


86 Premier XPK Exclusive Drums

88 Bosphorus Lyric Series Cymbals

Practice Pad

93 Aaron Comess Drum Parts

The Spin Doctors’ drummer dissects “Hard Ball” from his latest solo album, with a full transcription.

98 Double-Bass Voicing Challenge

Try these cool ideas for fills that incorporate double bass with double hands.

Everything Else

Notation Guide
Single Strokes
Meet Your Maker
Time Capsule

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