February 2012 Issue Of DRUM! Magazine

February Issue of DRUM! Magazine


28 Cymbals: The Whole Story

What’s with our enduring fascination with bronze discs? From ancient bacchanals to modern arena rock, the cymbal abides.
By Hugo Pinksterboer

38 Forging Methods

The four main approaches to cymbal making from around the world.
By Hugo Pinksterboer

40 Cymbal Timeline

Highlights from the Bronze Age to the information age.

44 Cymbal Selection Pie Chart

An exhaustive guide to today’s range of finishes and textures and what they mean for your sound.
By Wayne Blanchard

47 The Art Of Cymbal Smacking: A Visual Guide

Maximize the quality of sounds you draw from your cymbals.
By Wally Schnalle

50 Testing Tips

Fail-safe strategies to determine the cymbal that’s right for you.
By Wayne Blanchard

52 Cymbal Perspectives

My life in search of the perfect cymbal sound.
By Danny Gottlieb

55 Matt Nolan

The DIY cymbalsmith expands the sonic and visual paradigm.
By Andrew Lentz

57 All About The Gong

The skinny on the outsize percussion accoutrement.
By Karen Stackpole

59 Choice Pies From The Ultimate Collection

A tour of some magnificent gems.
By Jim Pettit

65 The Complete Cymbal Company Directory Manufacturers from A to Z.


79 Poncho Sanchez

The percussionist known as El Conguero takes the lessons of his idols to new heights.
By j. poet

86 Product Test

New gear from LP, DingDrum, and Z-Stik

88 Lessons

Taku Hirano teaches us the value of multitasking with our percussion cymbals; Glen Caruba shows us a cymba trick that’s a snap to master.


93 How To Record Cymbals

The crispest chick, liquid-sounding crash, and crystalline ping await you — minus the harshness.
By Garrett Haines

100 Dialed In Zildjian Gen 16 AE Cymbals
By Norman Weinberg


102 Natal Drums And Hardware
By Brad Schlueter

105 Cymbal Polish Shootout

We put the leading metal balms to the ultimate test.
By Dave Constantin


109 Sam Loeffler

For the Chevelle drummer, tracking “Face To The Floor” from new album Hats Off To The Bull was a serious headache.
By Eric Kamm


115 Billy Martin juices the shuffle; Rich Redmond lays into the cymbals; Matt Byrne is hot for the hats; and Wally Schnalle spells out the V Stick technique.