March 2012 Issue Of DRUM! Magazine

March Issue of DRUM! Magazine


28 Chris Adler

Lamb Of God’s drummer came late to the instrument, forced himself to notate parts, and made peace with his inner critic. Looks like it all paid off.
By Andrew Nusca

40 Vinnie Amico

Improvising with moe., tinkering with bluegrass beats, and owning the groove are all in a day’s work for the consummate jam band drummer.
By Andrew Lentz

51 Secrets Of Effective Soundproofing

Tips for creating the ultimate music lair. (Your neighbors will love you.)
By Gino Robair

57 DRUM! Weirdness Survey

The results from our first-ever poll of drummer behavior, as told by you.


63 Jeff Greene

The TriBeCaStan percussionist reveres music from every corner of the globe, but none of it is too sacred to be meddled with.
By J. Poet

69 Product Test

Cooperman Jamey Haddad Frame Drums
By Neel Kant Agrawal

72 Lessons

Taku Hirano marries the worlds of electronic and acoustic percussion. Glen Caruba shows you how to stop the bleeding in the studio.


75 Build Your Own Drum Triggers

Piezo transducer technology is simpler than you think.
By Gino Robair


78 Roland SPD-SX Sampling Pad
By Jake Wood


82 Ddrum Reflex Drum Set
By David Libman

84 Zildjian Ride Cymbal Roundup
By Brad Schlueter


87 James Cassells

Asking Alexandria’s master blaster gives British metalcore a good name.
By James Cassells


91 Rich Redmond ladles out a steaming bowl of chunky groove soup. Terence Higgins inverts the triplets for some killer warmups. Matt Byrne gets your limbs in sync.


25 Cristiano Mozzati

A furiously infernal beat down from the dark heart of Lacuna Coil.
By Andrew Lentz