Artist Analysis

Robin Thicke’s “Blurred Lines”

Robin Thicke's Burlled Lines Groove

When I first heard this song I immediately noticed all the layers of rhythm ideas stacked up on top of each other to create the groove foundation for Robin Thicke’s super hit “Blurred Lines”.

Rhythm Quiz

The Rhythm Quiz: July 2014

Libor's rhythm quiz

Check out DRUM!'s Rhythm Quiz for July 2014.

Practice Pad, Rock

Chad’s Bonham Doubles

Chad Smith shows us the exercises he uses to develop speed playing doubles on a single kick drum.

Artist Analysis

Sean Reinert: Auditory Illusions

Brad Schlueter transcribes Sean Reinert's chops on three Cynic songs from the band's latest album.


Giovanni Durst: Funk Application

Giovanni Durst gives us a lesson in Funk to develop coordination and independence.

Practice Pad, Rock

Buddy’s Burnin’ Bass Drum Riff

Check out the licks Chad Smith stole from Buddy Rich.


Libor Hadrava: Tool’s “Eulogy”

Libor Hadrava gives us an independence lesson using Tool's "Eulogy."

Rhythm Quiz

June Rhythm Quiz: Writing Quintuplets

In this month's Rhythm Quiz, Libor Hadrava asks us a third way to write a quintuplet over three quarter notes.

Drum Parts, Video

Groove Analysis: Mastodon’s Brann Dailor

Nate Brown gives a groove analysis of Brann Dailor's chops on Mastodon's forthcoming album, Once More 'Round The Sun.

Rudiments, Diddle, Speed

Top Speed With The Single Paradiddle-Diddle

Single Paradiddle-Diddle

Mastering the single paradiddle-diddle will build speed.