Hand Drum

Taku Hirano: Know Your Grooves

Taku Hirano gives us advice on how to handle playing instructions by knowing your music, grooves, and history.

Drum Parts

Peter Wildoer: “I Will Not Break” By James LaBrie

Learn how to play Peter Wildoer's drum parts on the song "I Will Not Break" by James LaBrie.

Practice Pad, Metal, Video

Glen Sobel: Inside Out Paradiddle

Glen Sobel teaches us some new fills and patterns that can result from an inside out paradiddle.

Practice Pad, Metal, Video

Giovvani Durst: Single-Stroke Roll

Giovanni Durst

Giovanni Durst of White Wizzard takes us through his 100bpm single-stroke exercise.


Wig Out Stick Control Exercise

Giovanni Durst

White Wizzard drummer Giovanni Durst demos his Wig Out exercise in this video lesson.


Giovanni Durst: The Rudimental Solo

Giovanni Durst

White Wizzard drummer has created a Rudimental Solo that provides a great workout.

Practice Pad, Jazz

Louie Bellson Solo: To Diddle Or Not To Diddle?

Danny Gottlieb adds some more sticking options to Louie Bellson's solo in the Evolution Of Jazz Drumming.

Practice Pad, Rock

Singles And Doubles Mixed Sticking

Matt Byrne mixes some basic rudiments of the single-stroke and double-stroke rolls in this sticking pattern lesson.

Hand Drum

Taku Hirano: Crispy Conga Tones

Taku Hirano teaches us how to move our hands in varying positions on the drum to practice tone accuracy.


Drumming In The Present: Explosive Playing

Learn how to clear your mind while focusing the spirit and preparing for a burst of power obtained only by digging deep and finding strength inside.