Artist Analysis, Video

Hot Licks! Stewart Copeland’s Police Tracks

We break down some of Stewart Copeland’s greatest drumming performances from the many massive hits he recorded during his time with The Police.

Practice Pad, Jazz

Peter Erskine: Off-Beat Triplets

Here’s a way to add a little rhythmic tension to the traditional jazz ride cymbal pattern simple by inserting some off-beat triplets into the groove.

Practice Pad, Fusion

The Schnalle Method: Four Hi-Hat Stick Tricks

Wally shows us how to change the sound of our grooves by how we smack the hi-hat.

Practice Pad, Funk

Chad Smith: To Fill Or Not To Fill

Take it from Chad Smith, there’s more to drumming than just playing flashy fills, especially if you play drums for the Red Hot Chili Peppers!

Practice Pad, Groove

Jeff Clemens: More Bounce For The Ounce

G. Love’s extra funky drummer Jeff Clemens shows us the particulars of playing the intricate subdivisions of the bounce beat.

Drum Parts, Video

Morgan Rose: Learn “Decay” By Sevendust

Learn how to play Sevendust drummer Morgan Rose’s grooves on the song “Decay.” from the Black Out The Sun album.

Practice Pad, Fusion

Tom Brechtlein: Bass & Snare Swiss Triplets

Tom Brechtlein teaches us how to use Swiss triplets between the bass drum and the snare drum, with a dash of flams as well.

Practice Pad, Metal

Matt Byrne: Staggered Double Bass

Here’s a cool pattern where each beat varies between half-notes, quarter-notes, and eighth-notes on the ride cymbal, with sixteenth-notes on the kick.

Practice Pad, Funk

Stanton Moore: Funky Variations

Stanton Moore uses Clyde Stubblefield’s celebrated drum part from James Brown’s “The Funky Drummer” as a launching pad into funk drumming.

Artist Analysis, Video

Neil Peart Clockwork Angels Masterclass

We sit down with the prog giant for a discussion of Rush’s latest album, Clockwork Angels, to determine what it takes to play like Peart.