Hand Drum

Taku Hirano: Crispy Conga Tones

Taku Hirano teaches us how to move our hands in varying positions on the drum to practice tone accuracy.


Drumming In The Present: Explosive Playing

Learn how to clear your mind while focusing the spirit and preparing for a burst of power obtained only by digging deep and finding strength inside.

Artist Analysis

Groove Analysis: Nathan Followill

We break down a few of Nathan Followill's grooves like "Supersoaker" and "Rock City" off King Of Leon's latest album, Mechanical Bull.

Practice Pad, Rock

Chad Smith: Triplet Coordination

Take a look at some of the triplet patterns that Chad Smith practices to improve his coordination.

Practice Pad, Rock

Balancing Your Double Bass Strokes

These specific exercises are some colorful foot patterns to work out your double bass chops and build stamina.

Drum Parts

Drum Parts: John Boecklin Of DevilDriver

DevilDriver's John Boecklin teaches us how to play the track "Winter Kills" off the band's latest album.

Practice Pad, Funk

Chad Smith: Embellishing Slow Funk

Chad Smith teaches us how to switch things up with a change of tempo in the world of funk.

Practice Pad

Wally Schnalle: Four-Over-Three Fills

These are powerful fills that can be used at the ends of phrases to help set up what’s coming next in your music.

Artist Analysis

Steve Gorman: Groove Analysis

The Black Crowes drummer Steve Gorman divulges his grooves on the band's latest release, Wiser For The Time for tracks including "Exit" and "A Conspiracy."

Practice Pad, Fusion

Wally Schnalle: Hand-Foot Connections

These paradiddle sticking examples are perfect for giving your limbs synchronicity and creating a greater improvisational vocabulary.