Practice Pad, Concept

Herman Matthews: Back To Basics (Again!)

I know I always preach about simplicity and that a player should be able to play the gig with the basics. I was called on it this past tour. A fan and a reader of DRUM! caught me playing with Kenny Loggins and made a comment about my set up. His comment was, “Yo dude, that’s more than a kick, snare, and a hat.” I smiled and took a look at the kit and sure enough it was one of the biggest four-piece kits I had seen in a while.

Practice Pad, Concept

Billy Martin: Navigating Odd-Time Samba

I was never great at grasping odd-time concepts, and I still sometimes struggle with them. A big factor relies on who is writing the music and how the player interprets it. But either way, you should make it work within your style and the given musical context.